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helpful-book-writing-tipsBefore you start…

Keep in mind, the same way that an athlete needs to prepare thoroughly to participate in the Olympics, as a writer you also must follow a workout routine to improve your technique and define your style.

So for the debut authors that have decided to embark on a new journey, we have decided to share some tips that will lead you toward your goal of authoring your book:




  • Write every day; there is nothing better to improve your writing skills than being consistent. Set up a word per day limit between 300 to 500 words and stick to it.
  • Create a routine: following certain customs and having a certain work habits will help you commit and be productive. If you have a busy schedule and writing everyday seems impossible, pick out 3 days per week that you can dedicate at least 30 free minutes.
  • Make sure you create an outline of your plot, it will help you to get your book structured.
  • Avoid stereotyping your characters. Make sure that each character has a story behind him / her. Make sure each character has some room for change or growth.
  • What you write does not have to be true BUT you need to do some research to make sure the story fits the time/ epoch you are writing about. Make sure you got your facts right!
  • Reading fuels your talent as a writer: reading should be part of your daily routine as it helps you to understand different writing styles.
  • A writer should always have a notebook, ideas will occur at the weirdest times of the day. As we are living in the digital world most of the time the good old notebook has been substituted by a Smartphone, laptop and other digital devices. I doesn’t matter what it is as long you can write or type on it.
  • While writing, slowly you will define your writing style and sometimes stories or parts of your book don’t seem that appealing anymore.  Even if you decide to rewrite it, try to preserve the older copies as you never know what they could be good for.
  • Once your book is finished, we recommend you read it over and over again. It’s incredible how much editing needs to be done.
  • When you think the book is just about ready, share it with other writers and readers, an external point of view will help you see your work from another perspective and identify some aspect that could have been ignored.

We hope these simple tips will help you on your way to authoring an excellent book this winter and  we are looking forward to welcome it on Bubok soon.

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