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Just like an athlete needs to prepare thoroughly before the Olympics, as a writer you too must follow a workout routine to improve your technique. Establishing a writing routine is not always an easy thing to do, especially for debut authors that are just beginning to embark on a new journey. But no need to stress out, it’s not as difficult as it might seem at first.



Here are some tips that might help you to help you power through your novel:

  • Write Every Day. There is no better way to improve your writing skills than being consistent. Give yourself a daily goal of between 300 and 500 words and stick to it.
  • Create a Routine. Developing good working habits will help you commit to writing and stay productive. If you have a busy schedule and writing every day seems impossible, choose 3 days a week when you can dedicate at least 30 minutes to your writing.
  • Create an Outline. Having a structure to look back at when you feel yourself coming to a dead end is immeasurably useful. Even if later on new developments in your writing mean you need to change your initial plan.
  • Avoid Stereotyping Your Characters. Make sure that each character has a backstory. Similarly, leave yourself space for characters to grow and change throughout your story.
  • Check the Facts. What you write does not have to be true to life, BUT you need to make your work consistent and believable, even if it’s fantasy! Make sure you research the relevant  geographical and historical settings to get your facts right!
  • Don’t Forget to Read. Reading fuels your talent and imagination as a writer, thus it should be part of your daily routine. Reading exposes you to new writing styles, stories, worlds and ideas.
  • Make Notes. Any writer should always keep a notebook handy, to jot down thoughts whenever inspiration strikes! As we are now living in the digital world most of the time, using a smartphone of laptop can be a great modern alternative. The method matters less than always being able to make notes.
  • Save your Drafts. While writing, slowly you will define your writing style and sometimes stories or parts of your book don’t seem that appealing anymore.  Even if you decide to rewrite it, try to preserve the older copies as you never know what they could be good for.
  • Edit Your Manuscript. Once your book is finished, we recommend you read it over and over again. You’d be surprised how much editing needs to be done.
  • When you think the book is just about ready to be published, share it with other writers and readers. An external point of view will help you see your work from another perspective and identify issues that you might have missed.

Set up your writing routine and start your writer’s journey!

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  1. admin
    Daniel Wright

    You have provided us with some really very good writing tips in this article. All your tips are really very effective and useful. One of the important points that you have highlighted in this article is the importance of making notes when inspiration strikes. Also, checking facts is very important. Thank you.

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