Gonzalo Narvreón, author of “Stories of a Married Man” and “Aquiles Saga.”
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Although much ink has been devoted to sex, sagas like “Stories of a married man” and “Aquiles” address a moor that few authors have passed through “non-heteronormative sexuality.” Gonzalo Narvreón and Aquiles lead Gonzalo Narvreón, the writer, where his appetite takes them. We talked to Gonzalo Alcaide Narvreón about these two successful series. Why write two sagas, in which the protagonists are bisexual men, sexuality so little visible and even resisted? Interesting question and I would say that the answer… Read more

Coronavirus: reading suggestions for while you’re stuck at home
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What to read if you’re stuck inside because of coronavirus lockdowns? The world is looking a little scarier than usual during this uncertain time of the coronavirus outbreak. The World Health Organisation has officially declared it a pandemic. Now, many countries across the world are going into lockdown or recommending self-isolation where possible for their citizens. With many of us squirelled away in our homes twiddling our thumbs, reading suggestions are surely welcome. This article offers suggestions of different post-apocalyptic… Read more

Manga illustrator Kachisou on their upcoming work WEAK
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Interview with Kachisou, Manga artist and Bubok author about their upcoming graphic novel, WEAK Kachisou is a hugely talented illustrator and storyteller, who has won recognition both at home in their native Portugal and in Japan for their original Manga. Here at Bubok, we are very excited to be publishing their upcoming work WEAK. WEAK features a wide range of characters in various settings dealing with the difficulties that life brings, and how to find the inner strength to face them…. Read more

Amélie Yan-Gouiffès: Sometimes All You Need To Do Is Jump
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Ever since Amélie Yan-Gouiffès decided to dedicate her life to helping others she’s proved that there’s never a bad time to start following your heart. After working for 17 years managing humanitarian projects in countries such as those in former Yugoslavia, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Nepal amongst many others, she now supports leaders and change-makers to share their message with the world. Now this debut author, who is an international speaker, coach, humanitarian and a mother, has found… Read more

10 Benefits of Writing Workshops
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10 reasons why you should consider taking a writing course:   1. Writing Can Be Learned. Even if writing comes naturally to you, there is always a room for improvement. A writing class or literary workshop will supplement your talent with a necessary educated understanding of literary theory and writing technique, opening your mind to loads of helpful tips and tricks that can be later put into practice. Besides, in every artistic field, raw talent on its own is never… Read more