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Bubok, since 2008 innovating in the publishing world

Since its birth in 2008, Bubok is the leading publishing house in Spain, and during all these years it has praised for its constant ability to adapt to new challenges and needs that arise in the world of publishing. In 2014 Bubok opened its first physical library in the center of Madrid, where presentations and cultural events are organized. Currently, Bubok has more than 120,000 registered authors.

Bubok has a wide distribution network developed through its stores in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Portugal and Brazil, as well as its complete network of online platforms (Amazon, Casadellibro.com, Google Books, Gandhi, iBooks, among others) and it has more than 700 associated physical libraries.

Sergio Mejías
When work is a pleasure

I started my career as a computer consultant specializing in process optimization and big data projects. I am a Systems Engineer and have a Master's Degree in Business Management from IESE. In 2007, I started my career as an entrepreneur, creating several companies related to electronic commerce. In 2008 one of those projects culminated in what has since been Bubok. From that moment I am combining my three great passions in one: technologies, books, and business management. Undoubtedly, the best work in the world is when I get to spend every day with a great team of people. We try to give an opportunity to thousands of new authors who are looking for a place as writers.

Sergio Mejías
CEO of Bubok, Founder
Ruth Vicente
Ruth Vicente
Founder, financial director

BA in Business Administration, with experience in various economic sectors. She is part of Bubok's founding team and has been from the moment the idea was generated to the present. During the first 10 years we have seen how the publishing sector has changed. This path is not easy because when there is a change of business model the environment is not always in favor, but we always try to do things well.

Rafael Vega
Rafael Vega
Technical director

He has an MBA, is a Systems Engineer and an expert in design and development of Web applications. He is a consultant and strategist with more than 10 years of experience in the electronic commerce and book publishing sector. He also has won several programming awards and likes to work on innovation projects.

Ana Cuervo
Ana Cuervo
Editorial Director and Director of Communications

She has a degree in journalism and a Master's Degree in Communication, Protocol and Events. In 2013 she joined the Bubok editorial team and since then her work is focused on supporting and advising the large number of independent authors who trust Bubok to make their editorial project a reality. She defines herself as a simple person who enjoys the process of creating a book.

The editorial team consists of a group of professionals with diverse profiles and extensive experience in the world of books. All of them are specialized in the development of self-publishing projects.
Isabel Merino
Isabel Merino
Editorial Advisor, Literary Agent
Eduardo Cobo
Eduardo Cobo
Graphic Designer
Mari Paz Herrera
Mari Paz Herrera
Responsible for Bookstore Inquiries
Antonia Dominguez
Antonia Dominguez
Customer service and assistance for suppliers.
In order to improve the accessibility of our platform in other countries, we have staff from Portugal and Latin America who are responsible for supporting authors and readers from these regions.
Angela Acosta
Angela Acosta
Coordinadora editorial internacional
Our group of computer engineers makes it possible for the Bubok platform to work every day, allowing more than 143,000 registered authors to publish and sell their books online.
Daniel Arroyo
Daniel Arroyo
Web Programmer
Jaime Barreto
Jaime Barreto
Web Designer

The Bubok Publishing Group

The Bubok Publishing Group is a cluster of companies related to the publishing industry that covers the entire process, from the creation to the distribution of the book. It is integrated by the following projects:

  • Bubok

    The leading publishing house for novels in five countries
  • LdLibros

    A publishing platform which optimizes the distribution and production of books, via our pre-order and print-on-demand system.
  • Blavox

    A new way to publish audiobooks at your service.
  • Large Print Editions

    Reading now accessible to everyone with these special large-print editions.
  • Kamadeva

    Enjoy the most passionate of romance novels from this new imprint.
  • Editorial Consulting

    The best publishing advice for writers, by Isabel Merino.
  • Juan Sin Miedo

    Sello especializado en la conversión de literatura adulta a infantil

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