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Bubok is an effective, powerful and self-publishing online platform that allows anyone to become their own editor and publish their books without charge or. Bubok offers both writers and editors all the tools and services needed to publish and sell their works in electronic or paper format, starting with one copy print runs.

From novels or cookbooks to technical books, anyone who has something to say can sell their works in paper or electronic format without a minimum print run.

With Bubok:

You decide - Yo get full control of the publishing process, and you will be able to define your book's features, such as its format, design, price and promotion.

You win - Aside from having the satisfaction of being able to easily publish your thoughts, you always win because in Bubok, the author receives 80% of the book's profits

You count - In Bubok no author receives different treatment depending on their potential. Every author is important. If you have something to say, you can do it without anyone to limit your possibilities.

Bubok... your ideas, your project.
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  • Sergio Mejías LinkedIn Sergio Mejías Executive director
  • Ruth Vicente LinkedIn Ruth Vicente Finance director
  • Natalia Rubio LinkedIn Natalia Rubio Publishing director
  • Rafael Vega LinkedIn Rafael Vega Technical director

Customer service and consulting

  • Ana Cuervo LinkedIn Ana Cuervo Service management
  • Isabel Merino LinkedIn Isabel Merino Publishing advice
  • Daniel Herranz Daniel Herranz Publishing advice
  • MariPaz Herrera MariPaz Herrera Bookstore management
  • Flavia Cotera Flavia Cotera Customer care


  • Maria del Sol Antela Maria del Sol Antela CM-Portugal and Brasil
  • Elianne Aguilar LinkedIn Elianne Aguilar CM-Mexico and Colombia