Distribution agreement between Bubok and CELESA
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Bubok is always working to improve our distribution network and the reach of our authors We have a distribution agreement with CELESA, one of the most important national and international companies within the sector. CELESA is a common reference point in Spanish bookstores. This therefore massively increases the visibility of the works that appear in its catalog as well as the resulting sales. Within Spain, AZETA handles the distribution. This type of agreement between a distributor and an independent publisher… Read more

EBSCO improves Bubok distribution
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From last month, EBSCO has begun to offer our entire catalog of e-books to online booksellers in the United States, furthering the global distribution of our catalog. EBSCO is a leading distributor of digital books and audiobooks in English-speaking countries. They focus particularly in providing digital access to libraries and bookstores in various kinds of academic institutions.   This agreement between Bubok and EBSCO improves the already excellent digital distribution that Bubok has. Bubok’s works are already sold in all sorts… Read more

We now accept Amazon Pay!
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Did you know that Bubok now includes Amazon Pay among the ways you can pay on our online shop? Virtually everyone who shops online has an account with Amazon and shops there regularly.   Over the past few weeks, Bubok’s development department has been working hard to offer this payment method to our customers. Our aim is to offer authors and readers using Bubok the most convenient experience in purchasing and selling via our website.   The advantages of using… Read more

How Ingram Has Helped Us!
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Ingram has helped us to realzie it is okay to ask for help! In society today, people frequently feel ashamed to ask for help, for they think it makes them look weak. However, here at Bubok, we’ve discovered first-hand that that’s not the case. It is okay to ask for help and admit you can’t do everything on your own, and oftentimes it can help you to grow; it makes you look strong instead of weak. How did we ask… Read more

Why William Shakespeare is a WRITING KING!
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William Shakespeare is a LITERARY KING!   James Patterson- Mystery Sarah Dessen- Teenage Fiction J.K. Rowling- Fantasy   Oftentimes, writers are known for writing specific genres. While writers are capable of publishing more than one genre, they frequently stick to what they know best. However, William Shakespeare is completely different. He’s a writing king, one all writers should look up to. This legendary man can do it all; tragedies, histories, romances, comedies. William Shakespeare is truly a literary game-changer.  … Read more