The Author’s Role: what does it mean to be a 21st century writer?
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What is the job of an author? What does it mean to be a writer? This question does not have an easy or singular answer. However, what is apparent is that it involves more than just sitting in front of the computer to write. For example, a copywriter writes, but would you call them an author? Perhaps the following statement about the profession of being a writer is the one we believe most closely approximates its true meaning. “A writer… Read more

Cover design: Bubok’s updated bespoke service
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Is cover design the most important aspect of a book? No, but it is crucial if you want a reader to choose your book over another. The cover provides the first impression of your work, so its design must carefully considered and well executed. It certainly should not be chosen on a whim. Furthermore, it is often necessary to set aside personal preferences in favor of more widely marketable choices.   The importance of cover design   In the music… Read more

Selling your book: two essentials for snaring readers
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Reading is a fundamental habit that fuels the imagination and feeds the soul. Often our first impression of a book on a website or bookstore is crucial to our decision of whether to buy it. However, there are of course a huge range of variables and tastes vary widely among readers. Regardless, there are two main factors that influence a reader’s decision: the cover and the first few pages. Getting these details right can snag you readers, desperate for something original… Read more

Get writing: the Limerick
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In this article, we will explore the history and form of the limerick, offer examples, and suggest writing prompts for creating your own limericks. Hopefully this may help those feeling a lack of creative inspiration to rediscover the joy of writing. Working in a different format can let your creativity run wild, helping you to feel reinvigorated, and maybe even finish that book you’ve been procrastinating on! This is the first article in a series exploring various examples of short… Read more

Free publishing resources for writers
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Entrepreneurship is hard work, so taking advantage of available resources is the best way to get your projects off the ground. Similarly, making the most of free resources is essential to the world of publishing. Indeed, when beginning your authorial career, every little helps. Here at Bubok we have a variety of tools at your disposal that can provide the initial push to your career as a writer. Free design resources Word templates to help with layout Free cover designs Publishing… Read more