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10 reasons why you should consider taking a writing course:


1. Writing Can Be Learned.

Even if writing comes naturally to you, there is always a room for improvement. A writing class or literary workshop will supplement your talent with a necessary educated understanding of literary theory and writing technique, opening your mind to loads of helpful tips and tricks that can be later put into practice. Besides, in every artistic field, raw talent on its own is never enough. Even if you have the literary potential of an Ernest Hemingway or J.K. Rowling inside you, you won’t achieve success unless you view this as a craft that needs constant cultivation to keep you improving and developing your innate talent.

2. Learning Literary Theory.

While taking part in a writing workshop embrace the theoretical education on the craft of writing. Learn helpful techniques and common pitfalls for the specific genres you’re interested in. Having clear theoretical foundations will always come in handy.

3. Meeting People With Common Interests.

Writing in the company of others with similar interests is always rewarding, and makes a change from the usual experience of writing as a solitary activity. Meeting people and doing some networking is always a useful skill to develop. Who knows, they might become your future readers, collaborators, or friends who can offer help in the publishing industry. In any case, making new connections can open up all sorts of doors for your future career.

4. Reading Develops Your Creativity.

In most workshops you don’t just write but you also expected to consume and analyze lots of assigned reading material. You will discover new authors and their idiosyncratic styles that you may decide to emulate while searching for your own unique voice. Often the entire class will share their own writing with the rest of the class, and you will be able to give and receive feedback on each author’s writing. Reading other authors’ works is essential in order to become a good writer.

5. Establishing Routine

Most exercises are designed to expand your horizon, encourage your writing and loosen up the infamous writers block! Also, as you make more time to write, it will be easier in future to maintain a regular writing schedule. So, writing workshops can help you to develop discipline and a routine which any good and prolific writer needs.

6. It Helps to Overcome the Deadlines

By delivering assignments on time you will be forced to sit down and fill out those empty white pages. Meeting strict deadlines is crucial if you sign a contract with traditional publishing house. So, if you’re about to publish your very first book, writing workshops can help you learn that you have what you need to meet any future deadline.

7. Learning from Experienced Ones.

Workshop teachers will offer you helpful advice and constructive criticism that will help to correct common mistakes and develop your personal style.

8. Testing Your Limits.

Sharing your funny or frustrating experiences with fellow authors is a great exercise to see how others have reached their writing potential. Also, it teaches you to accept criticism which is inevitable for well-known writers. Once you learn how to respond healthily to criticism, you can overcome a psychological obstacle that many writers encounter.

9. Having a Pleasure of Writing

Take advantage of all the opportunities that are given to you while attending the classes, no matter how silly they might seem. Participate in games, role plays, informal debates and lectures, they are all designed to inspire you and push your creativity.

10. Promoting Your Work.

Who knows who you might encounter at the workshop or which teachers interest you might catch that would like to become your mentor. Additionally, most courses have expositions or open house events that showcase the participant’s work to the public and those in the publishing industry at the end of the course. You never know who you might meet at these types of events.


Hopefully this article has helped to show you why workshops can be a great idea for improving how you write. Check out the rest of our blog and if you have a book you’re looking to publish, register with us here!

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