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As you may know, the editorial process to make your book a success, goes through many phases such as writing, editing, layout design, publishing, marketing & PR and sales.

To make sure your book becomes a masterpiece inside and out, Bubok has launched Editorial Services and Editorial Packs that range from book editing to promotional help.  Every service has an initial cost and is provided by Bubok professionals who are specialised in a specific field.

The difference between Editorial Services and Editorial Packs is as follows:

Editorial Services:

This is a list of the most common services that an author will need in order to publish and promote his/ her book. You can purchase one or more services individually. The Editorial Services are divided in separate sections that cover book registration services, editing services, promotion and other additional services you might need.

If you need more than one service to publish your book, we advise you look at the Editorial Packs:

These 3 packs are designed to be cost effective and cover  everything from basic publishing needs to personal author websites where you can promote not only your book,  but also yourself as an author.

Don’t forget, publishing at Bubok is free and it will always stay this way! The services are just an additional option for anyone looking to take their publishing  to the next level.

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  1. admin

    How much would it cost to edit my book of 45,000 words, and how long will it take.

    Thank you

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