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Books are a real treasure but sometimes choosing your next read can be a real pain. There are always plenty of new releases in literature world and also golden classics which you’ve been targeting for a while. And every time you step into a bookstore, it’s like all those covers are calling to pick them up. And maybe your friend recommended you some particular story. Maybe you’ve heard a lot of great reviews about another.

So, do you ever spend much time thinking about your next read and end up not reading at all? You know you don’t have to choose one book for a lifetime, but it’s not always clear which book is right for you at that particular moment.

How Do I Know What I Need?

How to Choose Your Next Book

In order to turn wasted time into reading time, it’s worth trying out some methods.

First, ask yourself:

  • What am I struggling with right now?
  • Has anything new piqued my interest lately?
  • Is there anything in my life I want to improve at the moment?
  • Has anything been on my mind a lot?
  • Do I have any challenges coming up that I need to prepare for?



Answering these questions might help you better understand your inner needs. This way you’ll choose a book that can actually improve your daily life. Also, it will give a reading pleasure which not always happens if you open a random book.

Try 6 Methods (or More)

In addition to the mentioned questions, you can also try to apply some more strategies. For example:

  1. FOLLOW GOOD AUTHORS. If you were inspired by a story of a particular writer, most likely he has written more books you’d like. So, it might be an option for you to choose some author(s) and dig deeper in his/their creative work. You can also choose widely recognized authors for their talent to compose a story. Writing is a craft, so why not learn from those who have already mastered it?
  2. READ BOOKS RELATED TO YOUR FUTURE STORY. Look for books that line up with future ideas you have for your own projects. It will do at least a few things: gives more knowledge in particular field, inspires, and motivates.
  3. USE RECOMMENDATIONS WISELYDon’t trust what everybody else is reading. Instead, choose what the people you respect are reading. Find whose taste you trust and consider following their recommendations.
  4. TRUST YOUR MOOD. Maybe from time to time you find yourself in a particular mood. Even if you feel quite depressed it could be your guideline when choosing a book. For example, if your heart asks for something cold, mystical and engaging, Scandinavian literature might be your thing. Or maybe you’re sick of fiction and fantasies and want something real? Then look up for (auto)biographies. There is a countless number of great real-life stories, so read some synopsis and decide which sounds the most inspiring to you.
  5. BE UNUSUAL. Do you always read romances? Do you have a pile of sci-fiction books at home and it keeps on increasing? Well, then maybe it’s time to let yourself to try something new. If, for instance, detective stories are the ones you always pass by in a bookstore, just grab one the next time you’re there. You can ask a salesperson for a recommendation or just make your own decision based on a synopsis or even a cover.
  6. TRY OUT CLASSICS. All of us could name at least a few classic books that has been famous worldwide for decades and centuries. We might know its storylines and even the names of the main characters, but have we read those? Do you hear people mentioning those books in conversations, quoting when writing a blog or even their own books? Aren’t you curious why those stories will never die? Pick any of them – with classics no choice will be wrong.

Definitely these are not the only methods that might help you to choose the next book. Same as our books, we are all individuals, so what works for someone doesn’t necessary works for you. However, the strategies above can be the guidelines until you find the one you like the most. Both a searching tool and a story.

Don’t overthink it and start reading!

How to Choose Your Next Book


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