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In recent years, Bubok has worked with entrepreneurs, companies and institutions to develop their publishing projects. The fields of collaboration are very diverse: from print on demand (no minimum costs) to editorial services, web page design or logistical support.

In short, Bubok offers solutions tailored to each company, always thought to maintain and strengthen brand identity. We study each case and put our experience (logistics, technology and editorial) at the service of each project. Here are some of the advantages that you can benefit from:

  • Highly qualified team in the development of technological solutions.
  • Competitive prices for our volume.
  • Speed in operation.
  • Leaders innovating in the publishing sector.

Editorial Business Consultancy
  • Editorial consultancy
  • Corporate image design
Publishing and printing services
  • Print your books with no minimum quantities (POD)
  • Management of editorial projects tailored to you
  • Digital distribution of your content
Logistics and distribution support
  • Access our network of physical libraries
  • We manage the delivery of your orders to the end customer
  • We provide telephone and email support to your customers
Web and e-commerce solutions tailored to your brand
  • We design and create a web adapted to your identity
  • We incorporate a digital bookstore in your web
  • We create custom spaces in our online bookstore


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