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Science Fiction Books

Welcome to the Bubok science fiction library. Through this page we will try to collect the best books of the genre published in Bubok. Science fiction books combine scientific ideas, technological advances and adventure. Isn't it exciting to explore ideas for the future and scientific advances that do not yet exist in our time? Add to this a good story, a handful of fascinating characters and you won't be able to not let yourself go.
Our compilation of science fiction books includes a diverse sample of the genre. If you want to read about robots, flying cars or utopian societies, you have come to the right place.



En el 2035, Estados Unidos ya no es la superpotencia que era. Una alianza ruso-china tejida entre conspiraciones al más alto nivel, ha equilibrado la balanza de poder global, mientras la amenaza del terrorismo continúa siendo una [...] See book

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When Nothing Is Impossible.
When Nothing Is Impossible.
Impossible is nothing. With that as his motto, Spanish surgeon Diego González Rivas takes up his fight [...] See book
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