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What is Bubok?

Bubok is the leading independent publishing platform. Since 2008 we have helped authors to publish both digital and print books.

Thousands of authors have successfully worked on their publishing projects: chefs, journalists, economists, etc. Those are the people that bet for Bubok to publish a book. Now they manage their publishing rights as well as their royalties.

Bubok has also been chosen by authors that published following the traditional way, but they are now leading their writing careers. They have embraced new publishing models that allow them to control and decide every aspect of their projects.
Rob Seduction Stories
Rose and Milos
Bad One and the case of the double murder in the Thames
Introduction to Palaeolithic Cave Paintings in Northern Spain B/W Edition
Why Bubok?

Why Bubok?

  • Because as an author you will always be accompanied by
    publishing professionals that will guide you throughout the process.
  • Because you will have complete control of your work, your rights, and your royalties.
  • Because you can distribute your book both in print and digital formats in hundreds of physical bookstores and online.

    With Bubok you can sell your book on online bookstores such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble just to name a few. All this in a single page from which you will manage your benefits.
    Bubok is fast, simple and transparent.

Bubok for businesses

In 2009 Spanish National Library started publishing its incunables in Bubok. Since then, a number of enterprises and institutions have found Bubok as a way to launch and promote their businesses.

You can see the full list of our agreements here.

In Bubok we are willing to help, so you can contact us through our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Bubok for businesses