The best applications for writing
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By simply searching “writing apps” or “best writing software” you can find hundreds of programs and applications that claim to facilitate the arduous writing process. Depending on what exactly you need them for, some will be more useful than others. That’s why we wanted to write up this list to save you hours of work searching for just the right one.   Platforms that are easy to use and free Programs for structuring your story Tools for jotting down notes… Read more

Get Writing: the Sonnet
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In this article, we will explore the history and form of the sonnet, offer examples, and suggest writing prompts for creating your own sonnets. Hopefully this may help those feeling a lack of creative inspiration to rediscover the joy of writing. Working in a different format can let your creativity run wild, helping you to feel reinvigorated, and maybe even finish that book you’ve been procrastinating on! This is the first article in a series exploring various examples of short… Read more

How to: Book Layout
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Why is layout important? What do we mean by layout? Book layout: The first few pages Organizing content Further Queries Why is layout important? Just like we feel more relaxed in a well-kept house, reader will have a better time reading well-formatted books. This is why it is so important that you give the proper attention to the layout of your book. While it is preferable to give prior thought and planning to the layout of your book, it is possible… Read more