Free publishing resources for writers
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Entrepreneurship is hard work, so taking advantage of available resources is the best way to get your projects off the ground. Similarly, making the most of free resources is essential to the world of publishing. Indeed, when beginning your authorial career, every little helps. Here at Bubok we have a variety of tools at your disposal that can provide the initial push to your career as a writer. Free design resources Word templates to help with layout Free cover designs Publishing… Read more

What Self-Publishing Mistakes You Should Avoid
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Self-publishing might sound an appealing option for many authors, especially the ones who are about to publish their very first book. There are no gatekeepers who will slam the door in front of your face and everything is going to be under your control. Total freedom in navigating the whole publishing process may seem to be a dream come true – it’s only you and your literary baby. However, there are two sides to every coin. This is why it’s… Read more