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Why You Should Consider Writing a Blog


Have you been thinking of ways how to share your writings with other? Well, we all know one of the most popular tools these days are social media. However, there is another useful measure which was invented way earlier than Instagram and worked great for many authors. Of course, you know how to manage it so you can actually feel the benefits of it. So… are you wondering why it might be worth having your own blog?

Here are some reasons that answer the question of WHY:

  • ESTABLISHES AUTHORITY. When you’re regularly writing under a specific topic you create a certain image of yourself. You let people know that you’re an expert in that particular area and even if you’re not, you still make sure they know you have interesting point of view and many ideas about that. So, writing a blog helps to establish yourself as an authority create your professional image as you want.


  • PROMOTION PLATFORM. Writing a blog basically works a self-promotion tool which is essential if, for example, you’re writing a book. It allows you to do a marketing by yourself and with no additional costs. Talk about your book any way want to, you’re not dependent on anyone.



  • IMPROVES YOUR WRITING SKILLS.  The more you write the better you do that. Also, when you already have at least some kind of audience, you know you’re not writing only for yourself anymore. This means you have to take responsibility and respect your readers by providing them a proofread, well-edited and attractive piece of text. You want your readers to be impressed with every singe post, thus you might want to look for interesting words, find a particular style, take care of visual presentation, etc. So, having a blog encourages you to pay even more attention to your writing and make sure you take the best out of it.


  • CREATES OPPORTUNITIES. When you’re posting your writings on blog, you make yourself visible. This allows other interesting and maybe important people to find you and who knows what they can offer for you. In fact, sometimes bloggers even receive job offers and it’s only because someone found them through their writing. Therefore, success might be hiding on any corner and blog helps you to catch it.


  • MAKES MONEY. This is not always the case but could be if you maintain your blog accordingly. Of course, it also depends on the topic you’re writing about. However, the very fact that writing can lead to making some extra incomes encourages many writers to start blogging. Maybe you already have a blog but want to improve it, make a deep research how it can add financial value to you. Here we should also mention that financial reward shouldn’t be your main motive, you have to do it from your heart like basically everything else in life.

If you decided to have your own blog but struggle to find out where to start, this might help you:

  • Find a blog domain you like, name and register it.
  • Pick a blogging platform – most likely WordPress.
  • Sign up for a blog hosting account – Bluehost could be an option.
  • Pick a blogging WordPress theme.
  • Install a set of must-have WordPress plugins for blogs.
  • Customize your site and fine-tune the blog settings.
  • Write and publish your first blog post.

When you do these steps there’s one more thing you have to promise yourself before you launch the blog: WRITE CONSTANTLY. It’s very important if you want to achieve any of those mentioned above. Give value to your readers and eventually you’ll be rewarded in one way or another.

Why You Should Consider Writing a Blog
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