CEO of Bubok: We Open the Doors for Others
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We are happy to be able to present you Sergio Mejias, our CEO and the father of Bubok. Almost 12 years ago he decided to give opportunity to publish for anyone, who is dreaming about becoming an author. Now Bubok is at the stage where its knocking on new market doors. What are the goals and measures to implement those – in a short interview below. – Why did you decide to expand Bubok to the US? Our goal is… Read more

Why You Should Consider Writing a Blog
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  Have you been thinking of ways how to share your writings with other? Well, we all know one of the most popular tools these days are social media. However, there is another useful measure which was invented way earlier than Instagram and worked great for many authors. Of course, you know how to manage it so you can actually feel the benefits of it. So… are you wondering why it might be worth having your own blog? Here are… Read more

How to Write a Good Children Book
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Writing for children can be as much difficult as writing for adults. In fact, even if you’re already an author and have one or two books published, it doesn’t guarantee you success when writing for our little ones. Why? Simply because when it comes to writing for children, we have to adopt a new mindset and put ourselves in the shoes of those we want to write for. Besides, there are also different categories of children books therefore it’s important… Read more

Beating Writer’s Block – Help Guide
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  The mere thought of writer’s block for most authors sends shivers down the spines. However, it’s important to know the difference between actual block and just a bad day or two. Being unable to form a cohesive sentence, the absolute belief that everything you write is rubbish, eye-strain and deleting hours of work in a single action are all symptoms of Writer’s Block. If you are in the middle of a “slump” in your writing, take some time to… Read more

How Writing a Diary Can Benefit You
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Writing a diary might seem a bit of cliché these days but actually it might help you more than you think. And don’t think it’s just for the teenage girls to hide their youthful secrets! Putting your thoughts and feelings on a paper can benefit you in many ways no matter what age you are. In fact, keeping a journal can actually help you become a better writer and boost your creativity. Here are 6 ways how keeping a journal… Read more