Cover design: Bubok’s updated bespoke service
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Is cover design the most important aspect of a book? No, but it is crucial if you want a reader to choose your book over another. The cover provides the first impression of your work, so its design must carefully considered and well executed. It certainly should not be chosen on a whim. Furthermore, it is often necessary to set aside personal preferences in favor of more widely marketable choices.   The importance of cover design   In the music… Read more

Free publishing resources for writers
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Entrepreneurship is hard work, so taking advantage of available resources is the best way to get your projects off the ground. Similarly, making the most of free resources is essential to the world of publishing. Indeed, when beginning your authorial career, every little helps. Here at Bubok we have a variety of tools at your disposal that can provide the initial push to your career as a writer. Free design resources Word templates to help with layout Free cover designs Publishing… Read more

Proofreading versus editing: what’s the difference?
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Does your book need editing or just proofreading? Our clients, including professionals from large companies, are often unsure whether their writing requires full editing services, or simply proofreading. Editing of literary texts   We define editing as revisions and suggestions concerning the content of the document, focusing on the improvement of expression and language, fluency and above all readability. It is also about reviewing grammar and vocabulary so that everything is grammatically correct. In other words, editing involves a very… Read more

How to: Book Layout
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Why is layout important? What do we mean by layout? Book layout: The first few pages Organizing content Further Queries Why is layout important? Just like we feel more relaxed in a well-kept house, reader will have a better time reading well-formatted books. This is why it is so important that you give the proper attention to the layout of your book. While it is preferable to give prior thought and planning to the layout of your book, it is possible… Read more

To Sequel or not to Sequel: that is the question
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As a writer, one of the best things you can achieve is to leave the reader craving more after finishing your book. However, when authors do provide sequels, fans often complain about them not meeting their expectations. In this article we’re looking at whether it’s always a good idea for authors to write a sequel. There are plenty of examples of hugely successful book series. Consider Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson or The Hunger Games. These are just a few… Read more