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1. Company identification

  • Website owner: BUBOK PUBLISHING SL (hereinafter BUBOK)
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2. Acceptance of Terms

Users should read these Bubok Terms of Use. Using or accessing this website implies full knowledge and acceptance of the legal terms and conditions detailed below. BUBOK reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use of this Agreement at any time and without notice, coming into force from the time of publication on the web. Furthermore, access and use of certain services available to Bubok users may be subject to special conditions, such as legal age, terms, instructions or conditions that should also be read and unreservedly accepted. The acceptance of this disclaimer is to create a binding legal agreement between BUBOK and the user not allowing for full conditional acceptances. By using the Official Site, you accept the terms and conditions set forth below and agree that you have legal capacity to enter and respond by this Agreement

3. Aim of this page

\"BUBOK born with the idea that anyone who has something to say, any content author, you can edit your own book either through hardware or ebook. BUBOK is oriented to the dissemination of literature and content, from novels, letters, papers, poems, stories, photos, videos or any other content, providing users to different areas to participate in this community and informed of all matters relating to the world of literature that might be of interest. BUBOK Services offered are intended for a wide range of users, from elementary students to senior age, that is our services are intended for all users who want to publish and broadcast stories regardless of the subject thereof. We are the platform you need the author to be known in the global market due to the impact and importance of the Internet in the world market. BUBOK is a tool to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge in the world. For this we offer a service that allows users to publish and purchase digital content or format either in printed form subject to on-demand printing. BUBOK is created with the aim of becoming a platform for authors who want to present their works to this demand the strict enforcement of intellectual property rights thereof, not being able to publish any work that contravenes. Therefore please get in touch with us if they see any violations of these rights. The access to this website, and the use made of the information and contents included in it or accessible from it will be the sole responsibility of the person performing it without BUBOK may have responsibility for these uses. Through BUBOK can display content that is accessed through payment systems. In such cases the user should read the special conditions specified in each case on the website to access them. BUBOK reserves the right to modify the legal conditions set forth herein without notice. BUBOK use all means at its disposal to keep the service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, engaging in case of failure to perform, as soon as it becomes known, how many repairs are needed to restore the service, but if the service failure was due to causes beyond BUBOK such as prolonged interruption of any external supply falls main nodes of the network, social conflicts, actions of third parties as well as the temporary suspension of service due to upgrade needs of equipment, BUBOK not ensure restoration of service effectively exempt from liability for any damages that arise from the lack of service

4. Payment Services

In the company's websites and services to find pages that are accessed through different payment systems which are detailed below. To subscribe to these services, the user must insert the data that are requested. You should be aware that approval of the purchase can take several minutes. Please be patient before sending information back and wait at least five minutes. Once the purchase, subscription is done automatically and can enjoy the new services by the contracted time period. The user to access the service contract must be identified as a user on the page and can not be transferred to other users with the services purchased. The user undertakes not to make fraudulent transactions. He warned that any hint of fraud that has brought to the attention of the authorities. Return. According to the Law of Retail Trade, these contracts is among the exceptions that the law provides for the right of withdrawal. For its part, the owner of the website is committed to the proper functioning of the website. However, it will not be liable for any technical problems or force majeure that may arise and impede access to this website, engaging in any case try to solve them. a) Card payment 1. Operation. Through some web pages the user can employ BUBOK offers various services as described in the relevant pages. Once the period for which the user has subscribed, there will be no automatic renewals, it will be the user who must specifically apply for renewal and the conditions thereof. 2. Billing. Payment for this service will be performed online by credit card. The price of this service will always be specified in the corresponding web page. The concept of the bill for contracted services will be identified with the concept specified in the Web. This service is provided through the system implemented by the Banco Sabadell Atlantic and Caja de Ahorros de Navarra. Thus, the transaction related to your credit card is processed directly by these entities so that we will not have access to your card, since the customer pays the bank directly to BBBB. In relation to payments made by credit card, nor is BUBOK not store any data because such payments and related data are managed by banks.
b) By PayPal
Some services may be paid through the PayPal payment system; the card data will go directly to the PayPal website ( This service has a management fee of €0.90. c) By deposit or transfer to the CaixaBank account ES89 2100 7924 4302 0000 5287 d) Money order from any post office. e) Secure payment by credit card through MultiSafePay f) Cash on delivery through Seur g) Payment by cryptocurrency.

5. Use the web

The User undertakes to make appropriate and lawful use of the website and its contents, in accordance with the applicable laws, these Terms of Use, morality and generally accepted customs and public order, required to compensate BUBOK for any damage that may be caused by the use of this site violates these terms and conditions and / or the law. The User must not: I. Undermine or damage the reputation and good name of BUBOK II. Make an unauthorized or fraudulent use of the website and / or its contents for illegal purposes. III. Log in or attempt to access restricted areas of the website, without fulfilling the conditions required for such access. IV. Introducing or spreading computer viruses or any other hardware or software could cause damage to hardware or software of the domain, its suppliers or third parties. V. Trying to access, use and / or manipulate data of the domain, third party suppliers and other users. VI. Delete, hide or manipulate the notes on the rights of intellectual property and other data identifying the rights of third parties BUBOK or users of the website, as well as technical protection devices or any other information mechanisms that may be inserted in the Contents VII. Obtaining and / or attempt to obtain the content using means or procedures other than that, as the case may have been made available for this purpose or have been expressly stated in the web pages where the Contents or in general of which is used on the Internet and do not pose a risk of injury or disabling of BUBOK and / or the Content.
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6. Contracts

Estas Condiciones Generales se rigen por la ley española. Las partes se someten, a su elección, para la resolución de los conflictos y con renuncia a cualquier otro fuero, a los juzgados y tribunales del domicilio del usuario..

By publishing work after contracts are accepted depends on the chosen mode of publication.