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A question many self-published authors ask themselves is “how do I get myself noticed?”. Is it possible to get yourself and your book into the public eye without an enormous budget? The answer is YES! Of course, it takes time and a lot of efforts. However, without trying, you will never achieve your goal.


A good way to start would be putting together a marketing plan. Even if you don’t stick to it entirely, it will be very useful as a guideline. Within this plan you need to include who your target audience is, how people will buy your book, your marketing budget and marketing mediums. One of the most successful methods (and incidentally also at very low cost) is social media. Using sites such as Facebook and Twitter will increase your online profile and enable you to talk to thousands of people all at once. Other methods include having your own author website, local book signings and word of mouth.

Once you have your marketing plan, it’s time to put it into action. When you are promoting your own book, take a step back before you begin and don’t attempt to do everything at once. This will simply overwhelm you and won’t help in the long run. It is best to carry out a couple of tasks each day and continue these for as long as necessary. For example, daily tweets will certainly help as a regular blog. Ad hoc book signings are a good way to get your name known in the local community and you can use your spare time to plan these. Every little thing you do helps to create the big picture.

When promoting a book, some of the most useful hints are:

  • Embark on your own author’s tour. It can even be online rather than a physical tour. Gain permission from bloggers and website owners to visit their sites and talk about your book. You can also organize book signings in local book stores.
  • Make use of your friends and contacts. Let them know about your book and ask them to spread the word person-to-person and through social media.
  • Create business cards with your book’s title on. Always carry some cards with you as you never know who you might meet. Business cards are likely to be kept for longer by the recipient and are also more professional than scraps of paper with the info scribbled on.
  • Create a buzz about your book through Twitter and Facebook. Social media keeps being brought up and that is for good reason; it is free and one of the easiest ways to get your profile known around the world. While it may take time, you can create your own community and keep in touch with fans of your writing and potential buyers of your book.
  • Release a chapter or so of your book. Giving away a snippet is an excellent promotional tool. It gets readers interested and encourages them to read more and, of course, buy your book.

These are some very basic ideas for marketing your self-published book. To do it properly, you will need to spend a great deal of time planning and implementing. However, it will all be worthwhile when you create your own community based around your writing both online and in person.

Promoting Your Self-Published Book: How to Get Noticed?
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