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Margaret Atwood: From Self-Publishing to the Literary Stars
Even the most famous authors once started from scratch. One of them is Margaret Atwood, who entered the literary world with a self-published poetry book. Click here to find out more about what brought her to where she is today.
How Ingram Has Helped Us!
Ingram has helped us here at Bubok to realize that it is okay to ask for help. Since partnering with Ingram, Bubok has been able to greatly expand!
Gonzalo Narvreón, author of “Stories of a Married Man” and “Aquiles Saga.”
Although much ink has been devoted to sex, sagas like “Stories of a married man” and “Aquiles” address a moor that few authors have passed through “non-heteronormative sexuality.” Gonzalo Narvreón and Aquiles lead Gonzalo Narvreón, the writer, where his appetite takes them. We talked to Gonzalo Alcaide Narvreón about these two [...]

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