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Are you considering writing a book and looking at all of your options?  Are you nervous about self-publishing? If so, this article could help.

Self-publishing has helped a great deal of authors publish their work. Many of these might otherwise have never written a book or certainly not got round to publishing. It has opened up the doors to so many people and completely changed the face of the industry.  Moving forward, self-publishing is going to grow and grow and therefore by addressing your fears early, you can enjoy the benefits much earlier.

Staying stuck in any kind of rut is never fun and self-publishing gives authors the chance to get out of their rut. Below are common fears and the best way to address these fears. Once you have read them all, only you can decide how to move forward.


The biggest worry we hear from wannabe authors is that they’re not ready to write or publish their work. All too often however, they are more than ready and simple worried about taking the plunge. The best thing to do is to pick a date when you will begin writing and stick to it. Create a schedule and stick to it. Create a publishing date and stick to it.


Another common fear is that people either don’t know what to write about or have so many ideas that they simply cannot decide. The best way to decide is to research and ask your potential readership. Speak to friends and family first, asking them which they prefer and then carry out a wider poll of your target audience. You will soon have a much clearer idea of what people want.


Of course you don’t want to spend months writing a book that nobody buys. While there are no guarantees that people will buy your book, there are many ways you can help yourself. You need to promote your book through channels such as social media, blogs, websites, book signings and general marketing. If however you have listened to your audience, as per fear number two, there should be an eager audience waiting for the publishing date.


This is a common skill with writers all over the world; both novice and successful authors. The key is to whether you are happy with it.  If you are happy with what you have written then the chances are so will your target audience. Let friends and family have a read of some of your chapters and give them a synopsis of the story. Judge their reactions and ask for their honest feedback. Once you are all happy, you’ll be ready to publish.


Again, this is a very common fear. If the thought of tweets, status updates, websites and blogs sends fear right through you, remember that you are not alone!  Also remember that if you are computer literate, you will have no problem at all. your book can be uploaded in a word document and all you will need to use social media for is your own marketing. If you’re not already, sign up to the most popular social media sites and get connected with friends and family while you are writing. You will soon see that there is in fact nothing to them. The self-publishing proicess itself is very simple. On Bubok’s website, we guide you through every step with detailed instructions and have a support team on hand should you have any queries.


The key to this is network, network, network.  Grow your social media followers while you are writing. Follow people with similar interests and that you think may be interested in your book and they will hopefully follow you back. Post links to your blog and website if you have one and join in discussions and threads on forums.  Here at Bubok, we have our own author’s community that you will become a part of as soon as you sign up. Speak with fellow authors for advice and promote your book with us. You might not like the idea of marketing, but you will get used to it. There is no need for a big hard sell. Often a softer approach is far more successful. Let your book do the talking and ask friends and family to help create a buzz around it.

Hopefully your fears will have been addressed. If you are still nervous, face your fear head on and get writing. No one can buy a book that isn’t written. Part of your success will come with the completion of your first book. Becoming a published author has never been so easy; don’t let your own fears hold you back!

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