Bubok Attended Comic Con Portugal 2019
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Almost 50 years ago Comic Con was held for the very first time starting as a one-day “minicon” at the U.S. Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego. And the success of that day unarguably led countless people to where they are today – regularly going a little loco for their favorite characters. It has become such a wonderful phenomenon whereby art and culture can keep on finding their way to so many hearts and minds every year. Recently this fantastic experience… Read more

Publish and sell your book on over five countries with Bubok
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If you’re a writer and you want to sell your book in more than five countries and make a profit from your work, with us. We are a publishing house that offers different publishing platforms where you can sell your work online, or print and sell units on demand with local shipping and production cost. You can also buy editorial services to make the best out of your work. Sell your book on over five countries, how can you do… Read more

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Canva is the perfect way to create an image for any work…for free (more or less)!!!   Canva is the way to go for your social media and marketing needs and here is why!! It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Canva is set up in a way that is so easy to understand and use, so it is great, even if you’re not a technology person. It also provides step by step instructions when signing up for an account so… Read more

The Importance of Short and Sweet
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      Short and Sweet. Authors hear it all the time, but what makes it so important? You’re in the middle of writing a really intense scene in your novel. You want to include as many details as possible to draw the readerin and engage them in the scene that is so fun and exciting to write. Our advice to you…don’t. Enough with the unnecessary details, cut to the chase. Short and sweet is so important in the hustle… Read more

Social Media Can Inspire Writing
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Social Media is quite the topic in today’s day and age. It consumes an uncomfortable amount of our time, whether it tends to or not. However, as a writer, you can totally take advantage of social media to inspire you and your writing.   SOCIAL MEDIA CAN INSPIRE ME? HOW?   People these days spend a lot of time scrolling through social media. However, if you do so more consciously then you may find some inspiration for your writing, and… Read more