How Writing Can Improve Your Well-Being
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Happiness is all around us hiding itself in the smallest details. However, one would agree that once we step into sadness, sometimes it can grab us and stick both too hard and for too long. Sometimes we find ourselves highly stressful, irritated, frustrated or disappointed. There are moments when we even end up in those dark places where everything seems too depressed to be solved. So, the first good news about writing is that you can do it everywhere and… Read more

Peter Handke: Where Is the Line?
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Many have called Peter Handke one of the best and most inventive writers to have emerged in German literature since Günter Grass. A prolific Austrian author of novels and poetry, who has delved into screenwriting, theater and film directing has earned great recognition over the years. However, he’s also been accused of supporting and extolling former Yugoslav leader and dictator Slobodan Milošević. Recently he’s been making headlines again after receiving the 2019 Nobel Prize for Literature. At the announcement on… Read more

Margaret Atwood: From Self-Publishing to the Literary Stars
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This year The Booker Prize was a true wave of emotions that caused some chaos in jury’s heads. And how couldn’t it when women writers are showing what they got and, well, rocking it? You already know that the prize was awarded to “Girl, Woman, Other” by Bernardine Evaristo and “The Testaments” by Margaret Atwood after the judges rebelled against the rules. Now let’s take one step at a time and have a closer look at one of these great… Read more

How to get your book out there
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Do you have a manuscript that’s been hiding in your drawer or a folder buried deep in your computer for far too long? Maybe you’re an expert in a particular field and would love to share your knowledge and experience and get your name out there. Marketing and publishing a book may not be in your wheelhouse. So, let us ask you:   Have you always wanted to be known as a writer? Do you dream of sharing your works… Read more

Why You Should Read Biographies
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Literature is full of great treasures. Now let’s talk about one of them. Both reading a book and writing a book is a journey; the only difference is that we are either travelers or guides. However, in order to be able to walk someone through your life — to write a BIOGRAPHY, and not any but a good one — you have to relive many other stories way before you start building your own. This leads to the conclusion where… Read more