Manga illustrator Kachisou on their upcoming work WEAK
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Interview with Kachisou, Manga artist and Bubok author about their upcoming graphic novel, WEAK Kachisou is a hugely talented illustrator and storyteller, who has won recognition both at home in their native Portugal and in Japan for their original Manga. Here at Bubok, we are very excited to be publishing their upcoming work WEAK. WEAK features a wide range of characters in various settings dealing with the difficulties that life brings, and how to find the inner strength to face them…. Read more

Influencers: the new publishing landscape
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Who are influencers? Why have some influencers become authors? What is their actual impact on society? And, above all, what influence do they have in the publishing world that we exist in? The influence social media stars have to affect social trends and product sales is undeniable. Who are influencers? Influencers who write  Why influencers’ books sell Which comes first? The author or the influencer? Our social media influencers Who are influencers?   Let’s start at the beginning. An influencer… Read more

EBSCO improves Bubok distribution
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From last month, EBSCO has begun to offer our entire catalog of e-books to online booksellers in the United States, furthering the global distribution of our catalog. EBSCO is a leading distributor of digital books and audiobooks in English-speaking countries. They focus particularly in providing digital access to libraries and bookstores in various kinds of academic institutions.   This agreement between Bubok and EBSCO improves the already excellent digital distribution that Bubok has. Bubok’s works are already sold in all sorts… Read more

To Sequel or not to Sequel: that is the question
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As a writer, one of the best things you can achieve is to leave the reader craving more after finishing your book. However, when authors do provide sequels, fans often complain about them not meeting their expectations. In this article we’re looking at whether it’s always a good idea for authors to write a sequel. There are plenty of examples of hugely successful book series. Consider Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson or The Hunger Games. These are just a few… Read more

CEO of Bubok: We Open the Doors for Others
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We are happy to be able to present you with Sergio Mejias, the CEO and founder of Bubok. Almost 12 years ago Sergio first provided the opportunity for any budding author to publish their own work. Now Bubok is at the stage where it’s knocking on the doors of global markets. Find out how we plan to facilitate that process in the short interview below: – Why did you decide to expand Bubok to the US? Our goal is to enter… Read more