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Social Media is quite the topic in today’s day and age. It consumes an uncomfortable amount of our time, whether it tends to or not. However, as a writer, you can totally take advantage of social media to inspire you and your writing.


Social Media Can Inspire Writing



People these days spend a lot of time scrolling through social media. However, if you do so more consciously then you may find some inspiration for your writing, and make it a productive use of time. People frequently post inspirational and interesting things they’re up to, whether that’s traveling, skydiving, or sampling an aesthetically pleasing milkshake. Start up a Pinterest board for subjects, places and objects that are relevant to your project or interests. Follow relevant hashtags on Instagram and the work of creative or motivational influencers.




SO WHAT? Take advantage of all the cool things you see on social media and use it to your advantage. If you see an awesome picture of somebody skydiving, think about exciting and unique actions for the characters in your novel to do, incorporating the interesting things from the post that sparked your attention into your writing. If a picture catches your attention, it’s because something of interest is being showcased. So, if you take that core idea and use it in your own work, it’s bound to catch the interest of your readers and intrigue them. Who knows, maybe the photo that inspired you inspired your work to inspire somebody else!




As well as being a popular social media platform, Twitter is a great place for that to look for inspiration. For instance, you can take advantage of Twitter to motivate you to actually get work done. As an author, if you keep your followers updated on your progress with your novel, you’ll generate enthusiasm in your audience and yourself. If you know the audience is anxiously waiting to hear how your work is coming along at the end of each day, you’ll be more motivated to actually sit down and write. Nobody wants to tell their audience they only wrote 4 words in an entire day! Additionally, people can provide verbal support through Twitter. For instance, if you tweet that you are struggling to write much that day, your audience will offer support and encourage you to keep up the good work, because they want to read your work!



Social media platforms are very open, public concepts. They thus provide a plethora of ways for authors to become inspired, whether that be by photos they see or the readers they speak to. Don’t scroll so aimlessly next time, you may miss the idea for your next book!


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