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being-comfortableThe desk, the armchair, the park, the coffee shop…

all, and many more are places that writers find themselves at peace and the best location for them to be able to get those creative ideas flowing. The concept of being comfortable and at ease in your surroundings plays more of a roll than you may be aware. For example, you may not be one for being able to create your best work at a desk in the daytime. The idea of a desk is okay of course, but you might just find you work better if you’re sat at one at 3am – not during the day. But the important thing to remember is that you need to find the best fit for you, and your writing will come naturally.

For the Coffee Lovers…

We live very much in a time where laptops and coffee shops go hand in hand. You walk into your local Starbucks and there are a handful of people tapping away on their keyboards, sipping occasionally from their double shot, skinny lattes, munching now and then on something from the counter. Well, how about you try this? Ever thought this might work for you? If you’re stuck in a writing rut and fed up of starin
g at a blank screen, change where you’re sat. Change your scenery. Change who you’re surrounded by. Or perhaps a notepad is more your style, take that into a coffee shop with you, make some notes, see what happens – you never know. Some find that it helps if they’re around other people who are also writing. So although you’re encased by the loudness, and sometimes chaos of a coffee shop, you find yourself in a bubble – a little thought bubble if you like, and of course, coffee always helps!

 For the Nature Lovers…

Get outside. Find a nice little bench or an idyllic spot under a tree and take in everything around you. Breathe, look around, and let your thoughts go – set them free if you will. Being outside is a great way to relax, as you don’t feel so tied down and restrained to your writing. This could be seen as a more traditional approach to writing. The idea of simply carrying a notepad around with you and writing in it whenever you feel inspired. Give this ‘old school’ technique a go, there’s no need to just stare at your screen, bound to your desk as that’s ‘the way we write’ these days. Go wild!

For the Comfort Lovers…

Or maybe this is already your way of writing and you need to change it up a bit. Try the sofa, or even your bed. If you’re one of those who find yourself at your most creative at 3am then maybe your bed is the place for you. It sounds less exciting and some may even say lazy, but if it works for you then who cares? Turn some relaxing music on (quietly or you might not be able to focus), have a dimly lit room, your blanket covered around you and there you are – a happy place, and this could be the place your writing is at its best.

For the ‘On the Go’ Ones…

If you’re one of those people that finds inspiration through watching others then you should consider a train. Any type of transport really – the metro, the bus, the car, (providing you’re not the one driving it obviously). With trains, especially if you’re on a long journey, they’re great. They have plugs to keep your electronics charged and comfy seats and desks; and being surrounded by windows while the view constantly changes is much better than an office environment to get the job done! It’s the same with a car. If you’re sat in the back on a scenic drive then why not take this chance to make some notes? Especially when it’s raining. Watching each little droplet race the other one down the glass, seeing which one gets to the bottom first.

These examples may not be the ones for you, but  hopefully it has at least opened your eyes to changing your space. It’s important. We have all spent many nights, and days, getting frustrated but changing space makes the world of difference so promise you’ll give it a go? It won’t let you down.



Written by Shannon McGinty


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