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Do you have that fabulous manuscript which can’t be hidden anymore? Or maybe you’re still working on the story but can see the rays of light at the end of the tunnel? In any case, you’re probably wandering around the publishing industry not knowing which way to let your baby to the world. Undoubtedly, it’s an important decision to make for any author which will have a huge impact on the final result. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be… Read more

Calendario 15 / November / 2019
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Happiness is all around us hiding itself in the smallest details. However, one would agree that once we step into sadness, sometimes it can grab us and stick both too hard and for too long. Sometimes we find ourselves highly stressful, irritated, frustrated or disappointed. There are moments when we even end up in those dark places where everything seems too depressed to be solved. So, the first good news about writing is that you can do it everywhere and… Read more

Calendario 11 / November / 2019
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The Thame Arts and Literature (TAL) Festival – Day Out Guide
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October is a popular month for literary festivals, with some of the best-loved names in the literary world coming together and attending festivals across the country. For three days between 12th and 14th October, join Pam Ayres, Jonathan Dimbleby, Sonia Purnell. Edna O’Brien and Aslan the lion as you are taken on a literary journey throughout the ages.

The Times Cheltenham Literary Festival
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  Is it for me? Fans of literature who live close to Cheltenham or don’t mind travelling to get there, should not miss the literary festival this month. It started last Friday (5th October) and is carrying on until Sunday 14th October.

Useful Tips: Avoid stating the obvious
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  Well done to everyone who has just completed a first draft of a book. Take time to congratulate yourself and enjoy the moment. However, before you sit back and completely relax, it’s time to make some important revisions.

We Have A Winner! – Results of Writing Contest with Bubok
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  The Results are In! As you may know, this summer we launched a writing contest together with Writing Magazine. Thomas Findlay was selected from all participants and has been given the opportunity to publish his book “One Beginner’s View of our ElectricUniverse”. The prize: A cover design created by Bubok and 50 printed copies of thebook! Congratulations Thomas!!!!!!