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Get Noticed

In the increasingly expanding global market you want to do everything you can in order to get yourself and your book noticed. You want to widen your network and make yourself available and accessible as globally as you can. One way of achieving such goals is through the idea of book translation. What better way to connect with others than have your own words translated into another country’s native language?

The Facts

English is found to be the most commonly used language on the Internet. This results in countries where English is not the native language, more often than not, to sway towards this translation to gain more recognition. However, it is essential to do your research on this, as perhaps your genre of writing is more common in other countries. Therefore you would want to consider targeting this area in order to boost sales and popularity for your name. When doing such translation it is important to remember how different cultures interpret different things and how a given country may have different rules when it comes to what is allowed to be published.

But serious statistics aside, just think about seeing your own work in a different language to your own. That’s cool right? Your very own work and ideas being read in a whole new language by a much wider audience. You will be attracting people you had no idea you could reach, simply through the beauty of language. You have the ability to have a following half way around the world, but the language barrier stops you. However by following the translation path, you will find yourself connecting with them!

If you want to spread those publishing wings then explore what translating options you have – you will find yourself gliding all over the world.

What do you think about giving it a go?

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