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Having a book be read aloud to you may take you back to being young. Some may not enjoy this sensation and find it too childlike for them. But it has been found that 85% of what we learn is through listening, so it can’t be too strange, surely?

Over the past three years, audiobooks have been found to be the highest growing sector of publishing. This tells you that it must be working for someone! Whether it is for children or adults on the go, audiobooks are becoming an increasingly desired way of reading. For children especially, audiobooks are a great tool. Remember back when you were learning to read and those ‘big words’ would appear and you would stumble. Well just think, with audiobooks, children have the option to listen to books above their level. And not only this, but also with pronunciation – especially with those ‘big words’! And what’s great is, this theory doesn’t just apply to children learning to read. Think of learning a foreign language for example. For anyone who has ever tried this can relate to the uncertainty of pronunciation, however an audiobook can help with these doubts. You will have the comfort of someone reading these words to you, and you can of course have the text in front of you too to help guide you.

Obviously there are still factors to be acknowledged that people may struggle with. The narrators voice for example, it could annoy you. Lets be honest, not all people are blessed with a nice voice! And this is something that should actually be considered. The voice might not fit what you’re looking for and so hinder the reading experience. It may sound trivial, but it’s true.

The idea that audiobooks give you the option to listen while you’re busy can be viewed as a pro and a con. If you’re listening while cooking or driving, you may not have your full attention of the book and so not actually be benefitting. Resulting in you needing to go back and re listen and find where you were. This, in itself with an audiobook is somewhat harder than with a normal hard copy.


Written by Shannon McGinty

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