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What is an ISBN?
The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is an identification number that allows publishers, librarians and booksellers to locate a book, make it more visible and ease its identification. Moreover, it contains some of its features, such as size, price, number of pages, finish, release date, format and publishing house. 
When should I order and ISBN?
You can order an ISBN once the editing process of your book is finished and you make sure none of its features will be changed. If you change your book’s features after the ISBN has been ordered, a new ISBN will be required, as each number is unique and contains specific information. For example, if you prepare a new release of your book that involves changing its price, the number of pages, etc., you will need a new ISBN. 
How can I buy an ISBN in Bubok?
During the publishing process you will be given the chance to purchase an ISBN number. You can also get it in our publishing services store
Do I need an ISBN number for each format?
Yes. Each format requieres an ISBN number. You will get the needed numbers for your book at the same price, because we aim to encourage format diversity. The print edition will have a number (even two if you publish both in hardcover and paperback), a different number for ePub and one more for PDF. 
What is the ISBN for?
Once your book gets an ISBN number, it will be included in bibliographic records, and so booksellers and librarians all over the world will easily find it.
The iSBN will allow you to sell your book in hundreds of online bookstores such as Amazon, Fnac, Barnes and Noble and Itunes, all through Bubok. Your readers will also be able to order it at our associated bookstores. Learn more here
I have my own ISBN, can I use it?
If you already have your ISBN (self-publish ISBN or from another publishing house) you can include it when publishing your book in Bubok. However, you book will not be part of our ISBN records and so it will not be elegible for distribution in other bookstores. 
I have purchased an ISBN number, what happens now?
Once the payment is processed we will confirm that your book’s data is correct. Within 5 business days at most we will assign your book an ISBN number so that you can include it in its credits and public page. In case of any questions please contact us
Do I really need an ISBN?
If you want your work to be distributed outside Bubok, an ISBN number is required. If you prefer to sell your book at cost price or offer it for free, you do not need an ISBN.