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What is the Legal Deposit?
The Legal Deposit (LD) is the deposit of several copies of a publication in libraries, in order to collect a country's cultural heritage. The legal deposit is the way for the conservation of the cultural memory of a country and a way for ensuring access to information.
How is the LD processed?
It involves assigning a number and deposit four hard copies at the offices of the LD. The deposit number will appear on the book's credits page. We can handle this transaction in Bubok. Contact us here if you are interested.
Is the LD compulsory?
Publishers must make the legal deposit of all publications that meet the requirements specified at the offices of deposit. You can check these requirements here.
Does the LD protect my copyright?
Many authors believe that the LD secures their intellectual property rights. However, this is a mistake. To record authorship and to consequently defend copyright you should sign your work at an Intellectual Property Registry. Read here how to register your work.

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