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I confess... I wanted to commit suicide.

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  • Author: Jose Ruben Amador
  • Status: Public
  • Number of pages: 11
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What I tell you?

Humans do not understand anything;you tell them what you feel, and they do things as disappointing as referring you to a psychologist or psychiatrist;those who want to boast of wisdom tell you that everything is going to be fine, that in reality it is not so serious what happens, and my favorite, they tell you that you are exaggerating.


Then you ask yourself:

Could it be that no one sees me inside?

Can anyone see my pain?

I'm dying.


I'm talking about hell;of a deep and dark abyss;a ruthless abyss that makes you hate everything around you, to the point of rejecting it outright.


It is an abyss that torments me and blinds me.

It's frustrating, and I keep thinking about it.

It is such a deep pain, it is the climax point of disappointment.

You do not understand?

Everything causes me pain, even air and light.


How do you tell me it's not that serious?

You ignore the truth, but I live, and you tell me I'm overreacting?



These few pages will make you stronger.

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