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God. Why do you strive all - knowing?

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  • Author: Jose Ruben Amador
  • Status: Public
  • Number of pages: 17
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Sometimes I think about the world today, the hatred of men and racism.

Do you see the news?
Rape, drugs, violence and corruption in every sphere and social class of life.

Sometimes I tell myself ¡Shit, this world is crazy!
But then I think in the story, and puff, I see that it has always been. The world has never been different from what I describe; is now more noticeable by technology and the way in which information is distributed, but it is the same as always.

Men do not want God. They feel too comfortable with sin, despite the great unhappiness and pain they cause; then I say to God...
Hey, why go on? ! Why do you strive?

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