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     Ittakes wisdom to assimilate and humility to accept the precious lessons thatchildren convey to us throughout the period from the beginning of theirexistence to their adolescence.  Everyadult has much to learn from children, even though all grown-ups have obviouslygone through each of the stages of growth and development of their lives frombirth through childhood, but over the years The acquisition of new knowledgeand the coexistence with the environment in which each one lives, adding to thelearning of new knowledge beyond the experiences, thus, the transformations aresucceeding and [...]
  • Philosophy Poetry for Children

    This  poetry  book  is  writing  in  such  a  way  that  described the  situation  of human  philosophy.  This  attitude  poetry,  make  use  of  figurative language, while  the   form  of  each  poem  are  easily  understand.  In  fact,  children  and pupils  will  effortlessly observe  this  poem™s  imagery;  that  is,  some  symbols that  children  and  pupils  are familiar  to,  which  the  poet  make  use  of ;  [...]
  • School of rock for children

    Sheet music and basic musical techniques for children.
  • Children And Pupils Story Book

     Straightforwardly speaking, this short story book tells us most of the attitudes of human beings. It™s revealed most human character, and undoubtedly demonstrates the society in which we live. In fact, the story comprises four short stories, which are traditions to children and pupils.  In fact, lots of truths will be deriving when reading this story book, because it teaches children and pupils lots of lessons. Yes, the four short stories unquestionably achieved a satisfy end.
  • 40 Spanish Children’s Book Publishers 2010

    The present guide is a data compilation made during January, February and March 2010 and its objective is to provide children™s book writers with an effective and useful tool so they can save time by obtaining book publishing contacts in one shot.
  • Children and Pupils Poetry Book

    This  poem  book  compacted messages  and,  as  such, recommend  children  or  pupils  levels  of  meaning.  Thedeepness  and  richness  of  this  poetry  book  make  pupils,  to reason,  and  increase their  thinking  ability.  As  pupils  were reading  the  poems,  they  will  all  familiar  with  the  explication of  each  poem;  that  mean,  the  reason  of  the  poem. [...]
  • Rock school for children

    Basic musical techniques and sheet music for the classroom of music at the school.

    CANCIONES INFANTILES Y TRADICIONALES INGLESAS. English songs for children.Segunda parte de la colección de "Canciones del mundo", de la que previamente ya se había publicado "Canciones infantiles y tradicionales alemanas". Se trata de una recopilación de 23 canciones infantiles y tradicionales inglesas, en una cuidada edición con atractivas y preciosas imágenes que les encantan a los niños.Se incluye un pequeño vocabulario de cada canción inglés-español para que los niños comprendan el contenido y significado de las canciones.
  • For All Seasons

    What 'll happen to little Junilla(Gunilla) while she is living with her grandparents Why her parents are far from her How many new experiences she 'll do during is country life togheter GranPa Giò and GrandMa JaiaDoes she learn lot of sensations never felt beforeYou 'll know all the truth about this story reading this charming book about children and grandparents relations and the call of the nature.This fairy tales book is in four languages 'cause  it is dedicated to the children and grandparents of all over the world.

    This work was conceived and designed in the form of a modern fable created by the author in order to exercise the imagination and cultivate the traditions that also involve literature, with this theme and title covering the animal kingdom with its charming folklore that is exploited by many writers. The conversation between animals conducting dialogues as human beings is a creative way that is intensely applied mainly in the stories in infantile comics, cartoons and widely in fairy tales or fables being aimed primarily at children, but many adults especially appreciate grandparents and [...]

    If this fails to prevent swelling, the battle with emollients, such as linseed meal poultices or of marshmallow root. It is essential to the rest of the ill and also require diet and drinks refreshments. SPECIAL TREATMENT. In all cases pains, sprains, dislocations, it is highly recommended the use of fat marmot, called Miraculous.
  • The fish in blue jeans & other gathering stories

    Children must learn about the meaning of gathering, equality and respect since the very first beginning of their lives. Focusing on this matter and using a very proper language, as well as wonderful pictures, The fish in blue jeans & other gathering little stories presents short fables which point for the subtle elimination of prejudices, through acting on their subconscious. In addition, this book aims to open space for profitable discussions between children and parents, or students and teachers. The book™s main purpose is to help reducing harmful behaviors among children, such as [...]
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