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  • RECURSOS HUMANOS Y COACHING PROFESIONAL - Selección de personal a través del rostro

    La maravilla de averiguar el trabajo IDEAL según el rostro de las personas!Con este simple y objetivo libro, localizaremos inmediatamente aptitudes como:Liderazgo y trabajo en grupo, diseño, informática, educación, comercio, bellas artes... Deseo que este libro sea un paso más hacia la comprensión.Especialmente aconsejado para: coaching, selección de personal y recursos humanos RRHH.Para el correcto posicionamiento de las personas en el plano laboral.Para más información:
  • A life in a second

    Once we have finally decided which role we play in our lives, are we completely sure that this is the role we have chosen to play or be?. Or could it be possible that we are a product of everybody else's agendas?Alongside this third and final passage of the trilogy, we will discover simple and powerful truths that might take a second to be thought and a life to be lived, and that is what makes all the difference between you and everyone else. Let that second tell you how it's to be immortal.​​

    Did you send your books to publishers and agents but theywere not interested? Do you want to make your dream a reality by publishing your ownbooks?Do you want to publish them successfully and to earn somemoney?Then you are reading the right book.   This book provides useful information and advice for authorsand writers who decide to go down the self-publishing route. It will provideyou with a step by step organised guide to self-publishing your books (printedor Ebooks) and will help you to avoid mistakes, saving time and money. You will find here many practical answers not provided [...]
  • The Sense of Life

    Do you know the cause of your existence? From what do we come out? And for what are we here? There are many ways of asking the same thing that keeps human being in uncertainty, in uncertainty of just what it is, of the most important concept to itself, the sense of Life. The answer of it all is buried in between these pages, the answer to know what is the sense of Life to us, to human, is presented here in between and until the last words of these pages that are made for opening eyes.  
  • Modren studies in Jewad Selim Life and work

    This study is about JEWAD  SELIM   Iraqi artist.I have divided the book into two parts  the first part is an introduction to his background, life and his work whilst the second part concentrates on his most major work the Freedom Monument.  The main aim of the study is to provide a greater knowledge and understanding of art in modern day Iraq 
  • Mark's Dream - Ready, Set, Go!

    Despite the risk, Mark, our protagonist, is determined to fulfill his dream: To visit the human World. He doesn't care about size difference or the dangers of an unknown world. The time has come, he has been preparing for this for a long time. This decision could be the beginning of several exciting adventures...    
  • Say Hello To Japanese

    The book " Say hello to Japanese " is a book for learning Japanese Specially Made for the beginners, The main Motive of this book is that it gives the readers a concept of self understanding.
  • Technological Spyware: Technical and economic secrets stealing (Arabic Edition)

    Technological Spyware: Technical and economic secrets stealing (Arabic Edition)

    Has the quality of God´s nature and character in the process of translation of His words into human language compromised His divine attributes? Could it be that His character and nature lost its most important feature as He introduces His mission recuing package to save mankind from annihilation? How about the understanding of God and His goodness fighting evil in the pursuit of restoring our sinful nature? Have we missed anything throughout the centuries copying and interpreting His words out of ancient manuscripts?
  • World Health Report 2012: No Health Without Research

    It seems astonishing that in the 21st century decisions on health care can still be made without a solid grounding in research evidence. This is true even in clinical research, whether for simple or complex interventions, where systematic reviews time and time again conclude that the evidence base is inadequate. It is even more true in the areas of health policy and health systems, where quality research is hampered further by a lack of shared definitions, a lack of consensus on guiding principles, poor capacity (especially in low-resource regions), and methodological challenges.

    With the opportunity for his owner to start a new job in Spain - Sammy, the adorable little mini Dachshund,  was looking for a new home as he was not allowed to go with her.What happens in the lead up to that time changes all their lives .....
  • Personal Branding: A Guide to The Self-Made Man

    Tools, Methods, Strategies... this has it all!Personal Branding: A Guide to The Self-Made Man is the survival manual of the new age Entrepreneurs. If you are thinking about setting up shop as a freelancer or as an entrepreneur, then this book is for you. It teaches you how to personally brand yourself or your company and how to use the internet to turn the tables in your favor and hopefully become financial free.
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