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    Theologians maintain that just the presence of a feeling of God in Man's heart, is, in itself, a proof of His existence. Since –as they assure us- that feeling is innate, it’s actually a reminiscence. Well, if it’s as they say, Blanca, then, along with a feeling of God (and, as I hope to demonstrate during the course of these letters, closely bound to it), there exists in Man's heart another innate feeling of no less power. The feeling of the twin soul, of the one creature who, out of every other, is destined to us, for it’s the other half that will us complete us." Thus [...]
  • Gramática camboyana

    Introducción al idioma camboyano para hispano-hablantes, gramática y glosario básico. 
  • SÁGMATA: La huida de Stavros y Eleftería

    Un soldado tullido, Stavros, se hace cargo de la protección de una niña durante el asedio de Famagusta por los turcos en 1571 e intentará escapar lejos del conflicto tras la evacuación de mujeres, niños e inútiles decretada por los venecianos para prolongar la resistencia de la ciudad.Su destino sin embargo está marcado por el resultado de una tenebrosa partida de ajedrez que juegan dos misteriosos personajes en otro lugar del Mediterráneo. Éstos, ajenos a los sufrimientos de la niña y el soldado, llevarán a Stavros, un simple peón en su tablero, a dar el el jaque-mate de su vida.

    The book revolves around the specificregulatory requirements that govern the approval prospects of the TopicalDermatological products & solid orals. Itis vital for pharmaceutical industry to handle with the regulatory requirementsfor betterment of public and to ensure their place in the market. Theregulatory requirements of various dosage forms vary from each other.Therefore, it is challenging for the companies to develop a documents. The topics covered in the study includean outline of the essentials of dermatological product & solid orals aswell as comparison of regulatory guidelines for [...]
  • Rayvon L Browne The Ultimate Collection Of 2012

    The ultimate collection is a selection of all works from Rayvon L Browne. They include poetry, short stories, rebirth, dead awakening and more 
  • Estimating Recreational Benefits of the Dhaka Zoo: An Individual Travel Cost Approach

    This study estimates recreational benefits of the Dhaka Zoo by Individual Travel Cost Method (ITCM). The study estimates the benefits of operating the Zoo along with revealed visitors’ willingness to pay to visit and enjoy the Zoo. The total annual consumer surplus from recreation of the Dhaka Zoo is estimated at approximately BDT 856.4 million (US$ 10.98 million). Study has found that Various factors influence the value visitors obtained from the Zoo; these include travel cost, household income and the environmental quality of the Dhaka Zoo. Improvements in the overall quality of the [...]
  • Automating Software Tests Using Selenium

    Automating Software Tests Using Selenium is a practical manual aimed at all professionals and companies in the systems area and who aim to improve the quality of their services and / or products in a simple, efficient and low cost. In this book you will find the features that the Selenium tool provides to implement a robust automated testing environment, such as: writing / executing test scripts, exporting / importing test scripts into a test project, running tests simultaneously on different platforms and browsers. Innovate your way to test software, embarking on this incredible world [...]

    Metal matrix composites (MMCs) possess significantly improved properties including highspecific strength; specific modulus, damping capacity and good wear resistance compared tounreinforced alloys. There has been an increasing interest in composites containing low densityand low cost reinforcements. Among various discontinuous dispersoids used, fly ash is one ofthe most inexpensive and low density reinforcement available in large quantities as solid wasteby-product during combustion of coal in thermal power plants. Hence, composites with fly ashas reinforcement are likely to over come the [...]
  • La casa agramatical

    En los ciento noventa relatos de este libro, predomina el humor disparatado e inteligente aunque pertenecen a los más variados géneros y en algunos casos pasan a un tono elegíaco o desencantado. El lenguaje es claro y preciso y su principal objetivo es denunciar la mezquindad y el prejuicio en el pensamiento.
  • TECNOLOGIA DE MATERIALES (Esquemas Conceptuales de Teoria) (Descarga Gratuitamente la Version Reducida)

    KEYWORDSConformación, Deformación, Plastica, Temperatura, Fusión, Caliente, Frío, Deformación, Trabajo, Coste, Oxidación, Equipos, Acabado, Superficial, Dureza, Dislocaciones, Restauración, Recristalización, Crecimiento, Grano, Recuperación, Dinamica, Extrusión, Laminación, Prensa, Martillo, Materiales, Metalicos, Aleados, Aceros, Carbonio, Microaleados, Herramientas, Anticorrosión, Austeniticos, Ferriticos, Martensiticos, Endurecidos, Gris, Dúctil, Blanca, Malleable, Antifricción, Mg, Al, Carbono, Colado, Atruchadas, Blancas, Ni, Cr, Mo, Nodular, [...]
  • The Secret of the Goddess: My Life of Transformation

    In my hour of despair, I overcame my tendency to treat my soul-mate beyond reproarch. I laboured, and loved; I watched the cosmos unfold, and from thereon I knew, I was henceforth enlightened. Join Master Gobi and his scarlet woman Shanti Dellenbach on a rollercoaster ride of loss, despair, betrayal, and finally, redemption by the Godless of Love. Aum Shuamkara namo namo puti ya!
  • Nutritional transformation for type-2 diabetics

    Nutritional transformationfor type-2 diabetics
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