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    Work of multiple contrasts which establishes the link between the reader and music, with a series of vital inside stories, defragmenting different situations and areas with thoughts and reflections interleaved, under one common denominator: Music as permanent conductive thread."THE BOOK THAT EMANATES  MUSIC BY THE FOUR BROADSIDES". ................... Obra de múltiples contrastes, que establece el eslabón entre el lector y la música, con una serie de intrahistorias vitales, desfragmentando diferentes situaciones y ámbitos, con pensamientos y reflexiones [...]
  • Two Suitcases for one sole voyage (The Junction of the Souls)

    How many people who live together "relate" with their partners, understanding a "relationship" as a mutual apprenticeship
  • Emails & Roses

    Movie drama screenplay. Internet dating scene with hot intense moments this too good to be true adventure. Based on a true story.
  • You think, then you exist. Jokes are not suitable for mother-in-laws and other related animals

    book of jokes based on the typical conversation guides books combined with jokes
  • Children and Pupils Poetry Book

    This  poem  book  compacted messages  and,  as  such, recommend  children  or  pupils  levels  of  meaning.  Thedeepness  and  richness  of  this  poetry  book  make  pupils,  to reason,  and  increase their  thinking  ability.  As  pupils  were reading  the  poems,  they  will  all  familiar  with  the  explication of  each  poem;  that  mean,  the  reason  of  the  poem. [...]
  • You think, then you exist. Jokes not suitable for mothers-in-law and other related animals

    book of jokes based on the typical conversation guide books combined with jokes
  • Els Ni Ni

    Un bon dia ens van dir que havíem de triarentre el pare i la mare. Que la nostra vida només podia circular en duesdireccions. Que havíem doptar en una disjuntiva on no hi havia lloc per lesmitges tintes. O A o B. Que traslladat al llenguatge del procés vol dir que oests pel Sí Sí o ests pel No, però que no hi ha grisos possibles. O ambels uns o amb als altres. O amb els bons o amb els dolents. O amb elsespanyolistes o amb els independentistes.Jo no era independentista però me nhan fet!Que sho facin sols! No en vull saber res!, era el clam dels que, en pocsmesos, van [...]
  • El falso jugador

    Cinco cuentosque por lo breves no precisan mayor elucidación. El primero (El poder oculto)es recurrente (choque de meteoritos) no obstante, con un final inesperado. Elsegundo (El misterio de los mejores amigos) intenta una crítica al maltratoanimal. El tercero (Objetos del mañana) es irreal, futurista y posterior a laúltima y definitiva guerra mundial. El cuarto (La manzana mágica) cuya primeraedición es de 2013 trata sobre un fingido suceso (inspirado en los cuadradosmágico) donde se repite asombrosamente un guarismo. Finalmente el último queorigina el título (El [...]
  • The witorg guide. A comprehensive approach to evolve your organizational system and achieve your goals

    The technological progress of recent decades, the globalization and an increasingly changing environment make some organizational systems in different areas and sectors seem obsolete. Both, governments and all types of organizations, watch helplessly as their organizational systems are unable to provide solutions to problems that exist today.   WITORG, through its guide, leads you to know in depth the key organizational elements and the connections between them of your organizational system. From that self-knowledge you can evolve your organization to reach your goals, raise new ones and [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #5 - PROFESSIONALS POSSESS "C:OW P:OWER" (What the heck is that?)

    BOOK #5 - PROFESSIONALS POSSESS "C:OW  P:OWER" (What the heck is that)This might sound strange at first, but it is true if you understand what the meaning of "C:OW P:OWER" is from a business world perspective.  The question here is about the meaning of a non-existent word called "cowpower".  We are not talking about real cows, nor the power that they possess.  No, this is something entirely different as it relates to "professional people".We are talking about "professionals" who possess something called "C:OW P:OWER".  Before we examine the meaning of this new acronym, we need [...]
  • Two Suitcases for one sole voyage (The Junction of the Souls)

    How many people who live together "relate" with their partners, understanding a "relationship" as a mutual apprenticeship
  • The Templar Scrolls

    Professors Glen Francke and Charley Tok (Charley being the female version of Charlie) go in search of the legendary list treasure of the Knights Templar.  It is said that a scroll written by Jesus Christ Himself is with the treasure.  Other factions are in search of the scroll and will stop at nothing to obtain it, even murder.  Follow along with them as they face one dangerous situation after another.
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