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    Information society is the latest buzzword in the contemporary development discourse. Computer, internet and mobile phone form the powerhouse of information society and create far reaching social changes. In broader terms, multiple television channels are also included in the information society but here our focus will only be on computer, internet and mobile phone. 
  • Autonomous Statistical Information System for Werrick Pharmaceuticals

    Statistical Information System(SIS) plays a vital role in nearly all phases of human endeavor. SIS is acomputer based tool that is used for presenting and analyzing things that existand events that happen on earth. It is used for managing all sorts of statisticalinformation occurs as a result of economic activity like manufacturing,business or accounting. Use of information technology is increasing in almostevery organization. Organizations due concentration on the getting informationwithout any hurdle and wasting of time. SIS explore data from database as aninformation about the products and [...]
  • Introduction to Software Testing

    This books provides a complete overview of the various areas of software testing.
  • The global burden of health inequity and the introduction to equinomics.

    This study estimates, for the first time, how the world has performed in committing to its only commom global health objective : achieving the best feasible health for all people (Aticle 1 of the constitution of the World Health Organization, adopted in 1947).It is based in the identification of countries which are healthier than average, at resource use below average (feasible models) and with carbon emmissions per capita below average (sustainable).Comparing their survival rates in each 5 year age group and sex, and from 1950 till 2010, the method allows, thorugh the adjustment of mortality [...]
  • Introduction to Palaeolithic Cave Paintings in Northern Spain B/W Edition

    From 1997 to 2004, we executed Photographic VR shooting of Palaeolithic cave paintings in 23 major caves and about 150 Mobile Arts in 5 museums in Northern Spain as a co-project between the University of Cantabria, Spain and Texnai, Inc., Japan and the result was published in Spanish and English in 2003 by GOBIERNO de CANTABRIA as "ARTE PALEOLITICO EN LA REGION CANTABRICA, PALAEOLITHIC ARTS IN NORTHERN SPAIN" with a DVD ROM of the image database. This book is published based on these book and database in POD(Publishing On Demand) format. For this publishing, the images of cave paintings and [...]
  • Introduction of "The Cursed Armor"

    Junto con una armadura legendaria que heredo directamente, con el paso del tiempo tendrá que superarse a si mismo usando reliquias legendarias, criaturas místicas, y dioses ancestrales...
  • "Mind Mapping of Customer Satisfaction Towards Business Dailies"

    Today print media is becoming increasinglyexpensive activity so; the key spotlight ofthe thesis is to find out which newspaper ishaving more impact on the readers in receiving the information quickly andaccurately and to know how newspaper has become more a customized product inorder to reach the different segments of the society. It also aims tounderstand reader’s expectation towards improving the quality and benefits ofthe newspaper and to explore the information related to the loyalty ofnewspaper readers and at last to know the various aspects of threats which areaffecting the readers [...]
  • Indian Newspaper Industry An Overview

    The newspapers havebeen playing an important role in the communication department and improvementof English language and disseminating the information quickly and accurately,its services to the society is wonderful and splendid. The Newspapers can dosome modification definitely to capture good share of the market in theindustry. Today print media is becoming increasingly expensiveactivity so; the key spotlight of the thesis is to find out which newspaper ishaving more impact on the readers in receiving the information quickly andaccurately and to know how newspaper has become more a [...]

    Libro que describe y da información para el turista que desea visitar la ciudadela de Machu Picchu - en Perú. la información que puede encontrar es como una peque receñía histórica, ubicación, accesos al lugar, clima de la zona, imágenes de donde se encuentran los atractivos turísticos en la misma ciudadela de Machu Picchu, etc.Book that describes and gives information for tourists who want to visit the citadel of Machu Picchu - in Peru. the information you can find is like a small historical receñía, location, access to the location, climate of the area, [...]
  • Claytronics- A complete handbook

    This book deals with the different aspects in the development of new technology called Claytronics. Claytronics are basically programmable matter which can combine to form an amazing assortment of physical objects, reassembling into something entirely different as needed.This book provides the basic knowledge necessary to understand the basic concept involved in the fields of claytronics. It covers a total of 5 chapters. Chapter 1 deals with the basic introductory concept of Claytronics. Chapter 2 gives detailed information about the Claytronics project undergoing at Carnegie Mellon [...]

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