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  • HispaBrick Magazine 030 English

    It’s our anniversary! In this edition of HispaBrick Magazine we celebrate our 10th Anniversary with a couple of surprises.   To celebrate the occasion, we offer you the article on Alien by the arvo brothers that we published in our first issue and that you have asked to be published in English. We also interview Carlos Méndez, the AFOL who proposed the idea of HispaBrick Magazine ten years ago.   Some distinguished personalities in the AFOL world and from the LEGO Company have congratulated us on our anniversary. You will also find a timeline of the ten years of the magazine [...]
  • Un montón de expresiones útiles (Español — Inglés)

    ¡NOTICIA BOMBA!: Cuando tengas hambre de inglés —o español—, no dudes en consultar este conciso y minimalista diccionario (parte 1) que contiene unas expresiones y frases tan comunes, que puedes utilizarlas tanto en inglés como en español. Aprende, diviértete y no pases por alto esta oportunidad de expresarte en dos idiomas.BOMBSHELL!: If you're hungry for Spanish —or English—, don't hesitate to consult this minimalistic concise dictionary (part 1) that contains some common expressions and phrases, that you can use in Spanish as well as in English. Learn, [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #4 - MIRROR, MIRROR, ON THE WALL, WHO IS THE DIFFICULT PERSON OF THEM ALL?

    When dealing with a difficult person, it is important to identify what you mean when you say that someone else is difficult to work with.  It is not always easy to identify who the difficult one is.  However, it is easy to point a finger at another person and declare them as the "difficult" person.  Sometimes after some self-reflection, you might discover that the person who is really being difficult is you yourself.  If this happens to be the case, then the solution to the problem of working with a difficult person can be resolved sooner, especially since it is "you" who can make [...]
  • The grammar of English grammars

    BROWN, Goold, grammarian, born in Providence, Rhode Island, 7 March, 1791; died in Lynn, Massachusetts, 31 March, 1857. He was descended from some of the earliest Quaker settlers of New England, and was educated in the schools and academies of his native state. At nineteen he began to teach a district school in Rhode Island, then a Friends' boarding school in Dutchess County, New York, in 1811.With forms of correcting and of parsing, improprieties for correction, examples for parsing, questions for examination, exercises for writing, observations for the advanced student, decisions and proofs [...]
  • Globalization and its Impacts on the Portuguese Society

    This piece of work was object of thought, study, investigation, research and subsequently publication as an attempt to show and give a complete glance over a huge effort, investigation and theorization made in Portugal by a vast number of respected and accredited Portuguese researchers and authors over the issue of globalisation and its impacts in the Portuguese society. Thus, it comprises the international and global context in which Portugal is inserted, as well as, many aspects of the Portuguese society – its economy, poverty, welfare, social policies, employment/unemployment, [...]
  • Curso de Inglés, Inglés para Españoles Nivel Superior

    Diálogos, reglasde gramática, modismos, lecturas, vocabularios..."and more!" Con el Nivel Superior pasas desde el Nivel Inicial-Intermedio para llegar alos conocimientos más articulados de la lengua. Inglés paraEspañoles resuelve las dificultades del estudiante españolcon la linguistica contrastiva. Perfeccionarás tu pronunciación con ejercicioscreados específicamente para el estudiante español.Estudiarás: Word Study, Verbs of Perception, Phrasal Verbs,Prepositions, Phonetic Symbols, Double Comparative, Who - Whom, Saxon Genitive,Irregular Verbs, Offering [...]
  • REWRITING AND REPHRASING HANDBOOK IN ENGLISH. (Reescribir y Parafrasear en Inglés)

    Rephrasing is one of the most important tools for intermediate students as it allows you to express ideas in different ways.Reescribir es por tanto una útil herramienta para estudiantes de  nivel intermedio o avanzado de Inglés para aprender a expresar las ideas de manera diferente.Esta  habilidad para manipular el lenguaje es requerida normalmente en la comprensión lectora escrita, así como en los ejercicios de gramática.Este libro está dirigido a alumnos de nivel intermedio, avanzado, Bachillerato, EOI, y para el profesorado como herramienta para trabajar en [...]
  • English Studies Periodic Publications: Linguistics and Language Learning

    English Studies Periodic Publications is a journal which shows the interests of english learners and teachers in several issues. It has not a fixed periodic publishing date. 
  • Subliminal (English version)

    Bertaworks as administrative assistant in an advertising company that shefeels like a big family, although she notices strange movementslately. That day, at the bar down the office, she overhears aconversation about her superior, Domínguez, that attracts herattention. She talks about it with her job-partner Fran and shedecides to do some research about the first years of the agency. Sherediscovers three indecipherable floppy disks that she never gets toopen and tells Fran she is taking them home to take a deeper look atthem. Suddenly, with the excuse of a restructuring, she is dismissed.At [...]

    CONVERSATION GUIDE SPANISH-ENGLISH... Guía de conversación español-inglés... KONVERSATION GUIDE SPANSKA-ENGELSKA... ,/-4`t`,/4`4,4-,/,/`4&4`t/,4/t`t..4.Kt,4/t,..4.t`t..4.HZYHH\][\Y X[Z\ ‰IXI
  • A Short Course in English Linguistics

    This short course, as we can appreciate in the title, is targeted at providing a general overview of Linguistics and its relation with English. 
  • Descubriendo ingleses en su tierra. dover

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  • What is Bubok?

    Bubok is a publishing house that provides any author all the tools and services needed to edit and publish his work in more than seven countries (in both [...]
  • How can I create my own cover?

    With millions of books for readers to choose from, your cover can be a sales pitch. In Bubok we offer professional cover [...]
  • How do I set up my personal page?

    It is very important to complete your author page in Bubok because it contains information about you and your book. It also works as a cover letter to any [...]
  • What services and packs can I buy?

    In Bubok we offer a series of editing and publishing packs that will give your work a professional and personalized finish. If you want to hear a proposal, [...]

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