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  • Research Methods in Psychology: A Guide for Students

    Written in an informal and engaging manner, Research Methods in Psychology: A Guide for Students is an informative and easy-to-follow resource written specifically for A-Level and first-year undergraduates (and equivalent level international students) to provide an introduction to this interesting and important topic.With no prior knowledge assumed, Craig Harper guides you through the research process, and provides links to supplementary readings to support your studies.
  • The Code For Make Money Online

    If you plan to start making money on the internet, then one of the firstthings that you are going to need is a way of doing so. That is, the site that you create must have some method of making money for you, which in internet marketing terms is a process known as monetization.There are many different ways that you can make money from a web site, and the best part about it is that some money making methods can be instigated almost immediately. Perhaps not too surprisingly, however, the monetization methods that tend to be the most profitable are also the ones that take the most time and [...]
  • The basic method used XX century.

    XX century works all methods, XXI century is not the case, what to do? we can repeat XX century methods, but require 40 pages,discover the basic rule XX century in few lines, is very easy. Spanish text. The basic magic method can save us of an apocaliptic end, now is the time, we can do it.....
  • Shipping methods and costs

    Are you interested in one of our bookstore’s titles but you have questions about the production and shipping times? Here you will find some [...]

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