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  • The Poem Scachs d’amor (1475). First Text of Modern Chess.

    TheObres e Trobes (the first book printed in Spain in 1474 in Valencia) is an artcompetition held on March 25 of that year. There are many poets who have poemsand couplets in this art competition, and we find three poets among them,writers of scachs d’amor: Francesc Castellví, Bernard Fenollar and Narcis de Vinyoles.The Obres e Trobes is considered to be the first literary work printed in Spainof which the only known copy in the world is preserved in the UniversityLibrary of Valencia. It consists of 60 leaves without foliation and -signatureand is written in Roman letters on paper [...]

    This bookcompletes the trilogy Poems of Love Unconscious. These love poems are writtenallowing the free flow of imagination, feelings, themes ... Youth Work,1975-1990, with technical automation, free verse and improvised (semiconscious)... Varied and some raving as love and life itself ... can be considereddemocratic verses in the sense that if one is deleted or several lines the poemloses no sense ... Abstraction low rationality ... Simple language, the wordsand ideas of the verses are called each other resembling the sound of a stream... In the first book, as stated in a commentary, there [...]
  • Selected Poems: 2010-2012

    Selected Poems: 2010-2012 is a collection of poems written and translated by poet Sayeed Abubakar between 2010 and 2012. Sayeed Abubakar is one of the major poets of Bangladesh. He has eight books of poetry in Bengali language. He himself has translated some of his popular Bengali poems in English. He composes poems in English too. Those poems have been selected for this book. He is considered, according to the world famous Poemhunter.com, one of the top 500 poets of the world. By nature, he is a rebel poet who always fights against hunger, inhumanity, suppression, oppression and all kinds of [...]
  • Novalis, poemas en español, alemán e inglés

    Novalis, poemas en español, alemán e inglés 
  • Poemas de Sayeed Abubakar: un Poeta Bengali

    It is a book of poetry written by the great Bengali poet Sayeed Abubakar which is translated by Mexican poet Lorena Lopez Velazquez in Spanish. Sayeed Abubakar is originally a Bengali poet. His poems have been translated in English, Arabic and Spanish language. Lorena Lopez Velazquez is the first translator of Sayeed Abubakar's poems in Spanish.
  • Poemas de Sayeed Abubakar, un Poeta Bengali

    Sayeed Abubakar es originalmente un poeta Bengali. Es uno de los mejores poetas de la moderna poesía Bengali. Nacio el 21 de Septiembre de 1972 en Bangladesh, un país del sur de Asia. El escribe en Bengali y en Ingles. En el sitio web Poemhunter.com  se encuentra entre uno de los 500 mejores poetas del mundo. Sus poemas han sido traducidos al Ingles, Español, Arabe y Latin. Lorena López Velázquez, una poeta mexicana es la primera traductora de sus poemas al Español. Este libro contiene 29 poemas de Sayeed Abubakar traducidos al Español por Lorena López Vélazquez
  • Poemas de Sayeed Abubakar, un Poeta Bengali

    Sayeed Abubakar is originally a Bengali poet. He is one of the major poets of the modern Bengali poetry. He was born on September 21, 1972 in Bangladesh, a country of south Asia. He writes both in Bengali and English. In Poemhunter.com he is one of the top 500 poets of the world. His poems have been translated in English, Spanish, Arabic and Latin language. Lorena López Velázquez, a Mexican poet, is the first translator of his poems in Spanish. This book consists of 29 poems of Sayeed Abubakar translated in Spanish by Lorena López Velázquez.

    en Este Libro sí encuentran poemas Que lo Llevan a un  Viaje por Todo El Mundo del amor párr Dedicar unos personajes Que nos gusten descubranlo USTEDES

    si los enamoro La Primera instancia de parte this mas y es gratis
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