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  • Project Management, an Important Tool to Any Running Project. Until What Extent is Project Management Being Implemented in Order to Fulfil Projects Requirements in Angola specifically in Luanda in the construction industry public vs. private Sector? A fin

    This essay, is part of a final project assignment presented to The Academic Department Of the School of Business and Economics, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of masters in project management for the Atlantic International University May 2014, relating to how project management as an important tool to any running project is being implemented in order to fulfil project requirements in Angola specifically in Luanda in the construction industry public vs. private sector.
  • influence of project management on the socioeconomic variables

    This study compares project management skills by country with other variables as innovation, competitiveness or productivity. ¿do you think there are enough projects manager in you country?
  • Medical Records Management and Procedures

    Medical Records Management This book presents the necessary and basic concepts in a logical and systematic order to understand the exact terms that are used within an institution of health services including: terminology, abbreviations, and manual records, electronic records, analysis of forms, organization of record, administration record, and conceptualization, digital numbered, with numbers of records exercises, training and creation of a system of record. This book includes more than 100 exercises in a real environment in the field of administration of medical records. With [...]
  • Will You Dare?

    A fascinating story on audacity in times of uncertainty Will You Dare? How to have the audacity to journey into uncertainty is a reflection on the audacity that inspires us to give a push to the developing projects in our personal and professional life. This humorous motivational tool stimulates the imagination and the entrepreneurial mind. Will You Dare? is particularly practical for professionals in people management and to all who search for creative ways to overcome challenges. A book that invites you to explore new worlds and to discover new perspectives to nurture the emergence of your [...]

    It is a course about Technical English in Vocational Education and Training in the following fields of study: Administration and Management, Business and Marketing. Also, it promotes the integration of ICT tools in all the teaching and learning activities designed along the book.
  • English (PLUS™) Professional Language User Solutions - ISSUE #1

    If you already have your own system of establishing a priority list for your professional tasks, then compare it with the suggested system above in order to determine if you can achieve even more success in your business.  If you do not use a system of prioritizing your job tasks, then maybe you will give it serious consideration after having read this article.  By choosing a time management system that helps you accomplish your job tasks on time and in their order of importance, you will greatly enhance more positive business results and increase job [...]
  • Where Good Ideas Come From

    Where good ideas come from, is an assignment that was made as a partial fulfilment submitted the School of Business and Economics as part of the academic requirements for the Atlantic International University for the Masters Degree in Management. It is a captivating topic making reader’s want to know more about its content and how to promote good ideas. It is a topic that has the purpose of making people aware of ways that one can acquire good ideas and how to approach it in order to have the desired results and how to be able to put it in practice on our daily lives. The [...]
  • 4A Journal

    Asian Accounting and Auditing Advancement (4A Journal)ISSN 2218-5666Volume 3; Number 1/2013; Issue 6Double Blind Peer-Reviewed Journal Indexed in University of Arkansas -Fort Smith web database; IndexCopernicusTM; Ulrich's™ International Periodicals Directory; EBSCOhost® databases; Cabell's Directory; ASA’s Publishing Options; ASA University Review; getCITED; Publishing 1.com; & abcGATE Contents         1. CSR Practices in Private Sector Banking in Bangladesh: A Case Study on National Bank [...]
  • The witorg guide. A comprehensive approach to evolve your organizational system and achieve your goals

    The technological progress of recent decades, the globalization and an increasingly changing environment make some organizational systems in different areas and sectors seem obsolete. Both, governments and all types of organizations, watch helplessly as their organizational systems are unable to provide solutions to problems that exist today.   WITORG, through its guide, leads you to know in depth the key organizational elements and the connections between them of your organizational system. From that self-knowledge you can evolve your organization to reach your goals, raise new ones [...]

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When Nothing Is Impossible.
When Nothing Is Impossible.
Impossible is nothing. With that as his motto, Spanish surgeon Diego González Rivas takes up his fight [...] See book
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