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  • BUZIRACO The Legend of the Three Crosses

    An evil entity terrorizes a city with plague, leprosy, smallpox, dengue and locust plagues for a long time leading its citizens to dementia but Franciscan Friars arrive to stop this ruin and face the creature that from a hill torments the city, nevertheless the beast is very powerful and will put to the limit the capacities of those in charge of facing evil.

    When it comes to a book that appears with the title: "Forbidden Book", is now up an alibi to attract the attention of readers, especially those curious to who will pay to see and read what presents your content . Speaking of curiosity, this work was designed based on a story in which the "curiosity" led virtually all its plot. Speaking of curiosity, has a very popular and very wise phrase that says: "Curiosity Kills". It is a simple truth, people can not see anything what is being banned, which attracted in knowing what was forbidden, has the interest and the desire aroused much about what's [...]
  • BUZIRACO Die Legende der drei Kreuze

    Ein böses Wesen terrorisiert eine Stadt mit Pest, Lepra, Pocken, Dengue und Heuschreckenplagen, welche die Bürger für lange Zeit in den Wahnsinn stürzen. Aber Franziskaner kommen, um dieses Verderben aufzuhalten und sich der Kreatur zu stellen, die von einem Hügel aus die Stadt quält. Jedoch ist das Biest sehr mächtig und wird die Fähigkeiten derer, die sich dem Bösen entgegen stellen, bis an ihre Grenzen bringen. 
  • HYNDEN First Queen of the Scots

    HYNDEN is a wonderful legend. It is the story of a young Celtic princess who suddenly finds that she is to be the Queen of the Celtic people who live in the ancient kingdom of Dalriada. She becomes the first Queen of the Scots and has to find a partner who will be strong enough to protect her and her kingdom. The author was born in the location that the story takes place but didn’t know anything about the legend until he found it in a very old poem called Queen Hynde by James Hogg. The poem was difficult to read so Robert rearranged the legend into a more modern book. He thinks it is [...]
  • Deep down

    Atsunami floods A Coruña, that's why all the population has to moveto the metropolitan area, leaving the prior A Coruña abandoned; tomake the few people remaining there leave their homes governmentdecrees zero zone and they cancel all the energy supplies. However,this few people gets by with colourful small business that attracttourism and recovering things that had been left there under thewater. Xiana belongs to this last group and she earns a life with theresources the new situation offers. One day seeking for customers shebumps "by chance" into Ramón, an old boyfriend. Ramón [...]

    The book King Arthur Legend belongs to a collection of economical graded readers based on great classical books, most of the times forgotten by the new generations. The book has activities to be carried out by INTERMEDIATE level students or those who want to update their "English" proficiency. They can be used in class as an alternative to expesive graded readers. Students can download the books and print at home, so they don't have to wait to start reading.  
  • Marilyn Monroe Diary 2015

    Marilyn Monroe Diary 2015Calling Marilyn Monroe an actress doesn’t give justice to the great acting legend.  In fact, she was the complete epitome of what acting means that even a library of books wouldn’t be enough to describe her. The name “Goddess of fashion”, “Powerhouse of Acting” and a role model was subjected to her even in today’s generation due to her influence on films and fashion during her era. She had her own class carving an identity that would never elapse. Though she is in her 80’s now, she remains the man’s dream girl wherein [...]

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