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    Stop Depresión te muestra de forma simple y paso a paso a cómo salir de la depresión sin necesidad de tomar pastillas.Conseguirás recuperar las ganas de vivir a través de los consejos prácticos y técnicas en él descritas.¿Qué vas a encontrar en Stop Depresión En palabras de su autor: «Este libro ha sido creado pura y exclusivamente para ayudar a personas que están pasando lo que yo algún día pasé». El libro comienza relatando la experiencia del autor, y luego aborda una pregunta fundamental: «¿Estás triste o deprimido».A lo que le [...]
  • When Nothing Is Impossible.

    Impossible is nothing. With that as his motto, Spanish surgeon Diego González Rivas takes up his fight against cancer and pain. Using his revolutionary technique, Uniportal VATS, he can remove the most complicated tumors from the lungs through a single incision, sometimes with only local anesthetic, sending his patients home a mere 48 hours after surgery.Doctor González Rivas (A Coruña, 1974) dislikes calling himself brave, preferring instead to point to his experience. Every year alone, he performs more than 800 major surgeries around the globe, half of them at Shanghai Pulmonary [...]
  • The Mediation Handbook 2013 2014

    The essential guide to contemporary mediation is written by two of the leading UK mediators in a clear and accessible style, but with the authority and experience that only comes to experts in the field. Written for those interested in using, and being, mediators or going through the mediation process, it contains decades of wisdom and everything that a pracititoner or user could wish to know.The Mediation Handbook is the first in an annual series of meticulous works of reference produced in association with the London School of Mediation and other collaborators. It is a must for every [...]
  • RECURSOS HUMANOS Y COACHING PROFESIONAL - Selección de personal a través del rostro

    La maravilla de averiguar el trabajo IDEAL según el rostro de las personas!Con este simple y objetivo libro, localizaremos inmediatamente aptitudes como:Liderazgo y trabajo en grupo, diseño, informática, educación, comercio, bellas artes... Deseo que este libro sea un paso más hacia la comprensión.Especialmente aconsejado para: coaching, selección de personal y recursos humanos RRHH.Para el correcto posicionamiento de las personas en el plano laboral.Para más información:
  • Humble

    A selection of paintings by West Country artist Jo Pryor, with an introductory section showing how she develops her artwork

    Theologians maintain that just the presence of a feeling of God in Man's heart, is, in itself, a proof of His existence. Since –as they assure us- that feeling is innate, it’s actually a reminiscence. Well, if it’s as they say, Blanca, then, along with a feeling of God (and, as I hope to demonstrate during the course of these letters, closely bound to it), there exists in Man's heart another innate feeling of no less power. The feeling of the twin soul, of the one creature who, out of every other, is destined to us, for it’s the other half that will us complete us." Thus [...]
  • Coaching for modern life and much more...

    Este Libro de Auto-Ayuda lo que pretende es DESPERTARTE para que transites por la senda correcta hacia tu Felicidad y realización personal.Es una guía en tu camino hacia... Es hora de que te levantes y tomes partido activo en tu vida y dejar de mirar por el cristal... Atrévete y recibirás tu recompensa.
  • The Bears First Journey

    A family of bears take a week out from family life for an adventure.  This is their story.
  • There's Always Something or Other With Mr Neary

    After a year long battle to Get Steven Home and the subsequent High Court hearing where the Local Authority were judged to have acted illegally, Mark Neary now narrates his life in the social care world and how he and Steven have adjusted to life as a family again.

    Work of multiple contrasts which establishes the link between the reader and music, with a series of vital inside stories, defragmenting different situations and areas with thoughts and reflections interleaved, under one common denominator: Music as permanent conductive thread."THE BOOK THAT EMANATES  MUSIC BY THE FOUR BROADSIDES". ................... Obra de múltiples contrastes, que establece el eslabón entre el lector y la música, con una serie de intrahistorias vitales, desfragmentando diferentes situaciones y ámbitos, con pensamientos y reflexiones [...]
  • The Nia Colt Chronicles

    Nesta BD vão encontrar a história de um grupo de millennials acabadas de entrar na faculdade que se vêm rodeadas de tecnologia e novas apps. Ao longo da edição uma delas se destacará e lutará para que os avanços tecnológicos não sejam fatais para aqueles que a rodeiam. Uma história de família, emoções fortes e introspeção pessoal sobre o uso que damos a todo o mundo digital que nos envolve.
  • The Little Christmas Elf

    Can dreams really come true?When a little Elf dreamed of becoming on of Santa's Christmas Elves he did not really believe dreams can come true. We follow the adventures of Eddie the little elf and see if he achieves his dream of becoming one of Santa's elves. Will he or won't he!
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  • Higinio Collado (Nauplio)

    I wrote my first novels during my service in the Spanish Navy. It was a good way to pass the time when there were no guardduties to be done or battle stations to be manned, at sea. Writing became one of my favourite hobbies, and I have kept it upuntil now.I docked at harbors, crossed borders and went to some places that were real nightmares during my time in the Navy, butprecisely in those places I always met somebody exceptional from whom I took advice, features or resilience towards life,with which I modelled the characters in my novels.I have written twelve novels. There will be no more. A [...]

    He is persuing masters in Production Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He did B.Tech. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology (Formerly M.M.M. Engg. College), Gorakhpur, U.P. India. He completed his High School from D.A.V. Inter College, Mahoba (UP) & Intermediate from Oxford Model Inter College, Syam Nagar, Kanpur, U.P. India. He had been guided & inspired by his respected Guru Mr. Upendra Sir, a well renowned & experienced teacher of Physics, for research work. He made independent research on 'Solid Angle' & applied it [...]
  • Harshavardhan C (harsha)

    He is having vast experience and enriched knowledge, gained through interaction with people of different walks of life. Having worked as lecturer in History and Archaeology for some time in a Degree college; later joined in police department, rose from the rank of Sub Inspector to Assistant Commissioner of police, having worked in various branches; as a law graduate with his legal knowledge; being a writer of 25 novels, most of which are published as serials in various magazines and news papers in regional language; besides doing modeling, and acting in Television serials, and now he has been [...]
  • Herbert Soriano Garcia (hsoriano)

    Herbert Adolfo Soriano es un escritorhondureño que vive en Tegucigalpa, Honduras con su familia, es Docenteuniversitario en el Área de Sistemas y educación virtual desde el año 2005.Apasionado de la ciencia ficción, comienza su primera obra hace cinco añosatrás saliendo a la venta esta el primero de Julio de 2017. Dellibro nosotros el origen surge la idea de crear un Comic con la misma temáticade los mismos personajes del libro, el Comic que saldrá mensualmente en formato digital e impreso. Sulanzamiento será el 15 de Julio de este año. El guio del comic [...]
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