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  • Anton The Poet

    Tonåren är en tid som vi gärna skapar en distans till så fort vi lämnat den bakom oss, trots att den på ett underligt sätt länkar oss samman. I ett land där det inte är speciellt populärt att visa känslor går vi mot och bli allt mer självständiga, vi känner oss dessvärre som obehövliga. Med en våg av ärlighet sköljer Anton Yoseph bort alla tvivel om var vi egentligen har vår stadga och visar oss ålderdomens färglösa baksida.
  • dreams of a poet in words

    this is a book of poetry from the mind of what we see in pictures and words

    Information society is the latest buzzword in the contemporary development discourse. Computer, internet and mobile phone form the powerhouse of information society and create far reaching social changes. In broader terms, multiple television channels are also included in the information society but here our focus will only be on computer, internet and mobile phone. 
  • Globalization and its Impacts on the Portuguese Society

    This piece of work was object of thought, study, investigation, research and subsequently publication as an attempt to show and give a complete glance over a huge effort, investigation and theorization made in Portugal by a vast number of respected and accredited Portuguese researchers and authors over the issue of globalisation and its impacts in the Portuguese society. Thus, it comprises the international and global context in which Portugal is inserted, as well as, many aspects of the Portuguese society – its economy, poverty, welfare, social policies, employment/unemployment, [...]
  • Bullying, Our Society of the Present and Future

    Bullying is a sistematical social on present and have many danger in nearly future,society need fight versus this big problem,because suffered are all ages people,adults and children. This book contain more information about profiles victims and more news around the world,you have here in your hands a real tool, read and prepare for fight!.
  • Poemas de Sayeed Abubakar: un Poeta Bengali

    It is a book of poetry written by the great Bengali poet Sayeed Abubakar which is translated by Mexican poet Lorena Lopez Velazquez in Spanish. Sayeed Abubakar is originally a Bengali poet. His poems have been translated in English, Arabic and Spanish language. Lorena Lopez Velazquez is the first translator of Sayeed Abubakar's poems in Spanish.
  • Frankenstein

     Frankenstein follows Victor Frankenstein's triumph as he reanimates a dead body, and then his guilt for creating such a thing. When the monster realizes how he came to be and is rejected by mankind, he seeks revenge on his creator's family to avenge his own sorrow. Mary Shelley first wrote Frankenstein as a short story after the poet Lord Byron suggested his friends each write a ghost story. The story so frightened Byron that he ran shrieking from the room. This version contains the complete novel, including the three letters before the first chapter. In these letters, Lord Byron's [...]
  • The Splendid Feelings

    This  poetry  volume  is  writing  in  such  a  technique  that described  the situation  of  human’s  philosophy.  This  attitude  poetry,  make  use of metaphorical  anguage,  while  the  structure  of  each  poem  are straightforwardly understood.   In  fact,  readers  will  effortlessly  scrutinize  this poem's  imagery,  that  is,  some  symbols  that  we  are  familiar   to,  which   the poet  make  use  of.  The  [...]
  • Poemas de Sayeed Abubakar, un Poeta Bengali

    Sayeed Abubakar is originally a Bengali poet. He is one of the major poets of the modern Bengali poetry. He was born on September 21, 1972 in Bangladesh, a country of south Asia. He writes both in Bengali and English. In Poemhunter.com he is one of the top 500 poets of the world. His poems have been translated in English, Spanish, Arabic and Latin language. Lorena López Velázquez, a Mexican poet, is the first translator of his poems in Spanish. This book consists of 29 poems of Sayeed Abubakar translated in Spanish by Lorena López Velázquez.
  • Selected Poems: 2010-2012

    Selected Poems: 2010-2012 is a collection of poems written and translated by poet Sayeed Abubakar between 2010 and 2012. Sayeed Abubakar is one of the major poets of Bangladesh. He has eight books of poetry in Bengali language. He himself has translated some of his popular Bengali poems in English. He composes poems in English too. Those poems have been selected for this book. He is considered, according to the world famous Poemhunter.com, one of the top 500 poets of the world. By nature, he is a rebel poet who always fights against hunger, inhumanity, suppression, oppression and all kinds of [...]
  • The Book of the Visigoths - short version.

    This is a Political, Religious-Philosophical, Ethical-Mystical teaching. It is a Anarchistic Bible interpretation. It is Christian culture-radicalism on the premises of society. A anti-rasist Nietzsche. It is Spirituality, social rights, and celebration of life. It uses the four liberations in European and Western culture: 1. Realizing reality. 2. Controlling your thoughts and emotions. 3. Contact with the Holy. 4. Changing the social and political foundations of society.
  • Indian Newspaper Industry An Overview

    The newspapers havebeen playing an important role in the communication department and improvementof English language and disseminating the information quickly and accurately,its services to the society is wonderful and splendid. The Newspapers can dosome modification definitely to capture good share of the market in theindustry. Today print media is becoming increasingly expensiveactivity so; the key spotlight of the thesis is to find out which newspaper ishaving more impact on the readers in receiving the information quickly andaccurately and to know how newspaper has become more a [...]
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