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  • SYRIA UNDER FIRE: a bloodied revolution

    The most silence genocide in the 21st. century: 400.000 workers and peasants slaughtered by Al Assad, lackey of imperialism and protectors of the borders of Israel. 10.000.000 exploited displaced from their homes and piled in refugees camps.  Million of people in the concentration camps in the borders. Millions of outcasts looking for shelter in a bloodied Syria. Al Assad far from being an "anti imperialism fighter" has proved to be the biggest, cruelest and most bloodthirsty agent of imperialism in the region; and however hides it is deceiving the word working class. 
  • Phytochemical activities of Plant extract of Convolvulus arvensis

    Convolvulus arvensis is along lived deep rootedweed belongs to the family Convolvulaceae. It is commonly known as Europeanbindweed, bind weed, creeping jenny,morning glory and devil's guts. The plantscontains Saponins, Alkaloids and Polyphenolic compounds Flavenoids and Tannins.It has stimulent, anti-oxidant,anticancer and laxative effect. This reviewshows its identification, some of the isolated compounds and its biological activities.Moreover it used as a therapeutic agent for a variety of diseases. The plantextract shown effective action on intial growth of Abidar barley. Moreover somany [...]

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