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  • How to Manage People in Your Remote Team

    This book shares the insights of seven industry experts with regard to managing people remotely. In the first chapter, Darel Cullens article,How to Motivate Your Team, applies Maslows pyramid of needs to offshore teams.In the second chapter, How to Create a Self-Supporting Team,NicoKrijnen shares his experiences with building a remote team from scratch in the Ukraine. In chapter three, Hugo Messer take you through the differences between managing a local team versus a remote team. Oscar Halfhide explains how relationships are the cornerstone of outsourced work. In his chapter, Making [...]
  • Gestión de Redes Sociales en la Empresa (Community Manager)

    La revolución tecnológica ha producido un conjunto de cambios en el mercado que implican el conocimiento del nuevo medio de comunicación: Las Redes Sociales. Conocer a fondo todas las estrategias, aprovechar todo su potencial y segmentar para llegar a los públicos objetivos, es sin duda el reto de todas las empresas en la actualidad. Gracias a las RRSS las empresas pueden conseguir información de primera sobre sus clientes, pudiendo interactuar directamente con ellos. Los objetivos del libro consisten en conocer el nuevo alcance de las Redes Sociales, identificar y estudiar [...]
  • Medical Records Management and Procedures

    MedicalRecords ManagementThis book presents the necessary and basic concepts in alogical and systematic order to understand the exact terms that are used withinan institution of health services including: terminology, abbreviations, andmanual records, electronic records, analysis of forms, organization of record,administration record, and conceptualization, digital numbered, with numbers ofrecords exercises, training and creation of a system of record.This book includes more than 100 exercises in a realenvironment in the field of administration of medical records. With theseexercises, the [...]
  • Project Management, an Important Tool to Any Running Project. Until What Extent is Project Management Being Implemented in Order to Fulfil Projects Requirements in Angola specifically in Luanda in the construction industry public vs. private Sector? A fin

    This essay, is part of a final project assignment presented to The Academic Department Of the School of Business and Economics, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of masters in project management for the Atlantic International University May 2014, relating to how project management as an important tool to any running project is being implemented in order to fulfil project requirements in Angola specifically in Luanda in the construction industry public vs. private sector.
  • influence of project management on the socioeconomic variables

    This study compares project management skills by country with other variables as innovation, competitiveness or productivity. ¿do you think there are enough projects manager in you country
  • Emmy, the dreamy witch

    This is the syory of a girl witch called Emmy who lives in Ciudadela Park, Barcelona, in a transparent tree hut that nobody can see perched in the branches of a big tree in the corner of the park. She has got two friends, a magpie called Sorty and a cat called Legio. One day they get together because they are not sleeping very well because of terrible nightmares. They decide to go to the world of dreams to try to put things in order and thereby sleep and have sweet dreams by means of a conspiracy consisting of the joining of the two magic words the names of Emmy´s two friends. They manage [...]
  • Payment methods and taxes

    To ease the buying process as much as possible, Bubok offers different payment options for you to choose the one that best fits your needs. · [...]
  • Which property rights can I reserve?

    You can determine how to manage your book’s rights, and this will impact on how other people and institutions can use your work. For example, [...]
  • What services and packs can I buy?

    In Bubok we offer a series of editing and publishing packs that will give your work a professional and personalized finish. If you want to hear a proposal, [...]

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