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  • Tests about European Union and its Institutions

    Tests about the creation of the European Union and its institutions. Long tests Adapted to the Lisbon Treaty. A work suitable for university students and for those preparing oppositions with the European Union as content.Content:Test 1. Key dates in the European Union.Test 2. Community institutions.Test 3. The European Council.Test 4. The European Commission.Test 5. European Parliament.Test 6. The Economic and Social Committee.Test 7. The Court of Justice of the European Union.Test 8. The Council.
  • The burden of health inequity in the European Union

    Theanalysis of the EU burden of health inequity stands at some 100,000 avoidabledeaths (4% of those under 80) when using global healthy/feasible/sustainablemodels, and 6 times higher (in number-close to 600,000- and proportion- 23%-)when using EU national and subnational health/feasible standards. Healthinequity hits harder Eastern Europe (mainly Bulgaria and the Baltic countries),and middle age men, but with higher sensitivity analysis (smaller sample size)it detects health inequities in all sex, age groups and regions.Therelation between the most efficient use of economic (and its relation [...]
  • Automating Software Tests Using Selenium

    Automating Software Tests Using Selenium is a practical manual aimed at all professionals and companies in the systems area and who aim to improve the quality of their services and / or products in a simple, efficient and low cost. In this book you will find the features that the Selenium tool provides to implement a robust automated testing environment, such as: writing / executing test scripts, exporting / importing test scripts into a test project, running tests simultaneously on different platforms and browsers. Innovate your way to test software, embarking on this incredible world [...]

    The present book of questions and answers of pharmacology aims to help students and professionals in the health sector in the extensive science dedicated to the study of the actions and properties of the drugs. The questionnaire is structured in 45 chapters and encompasses all the necessary pharmacological information for the domain of this copious discipline.

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