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  • 565544 Ways to make money online

    • Yahoo! businessperson Solutions - this can be a fairly easy and low-cost thanks to produce an internetstore. • • Azoogleads - Another ad program. they are doing have some good firms lined up as advertisers. You givehouse, they're going to give an advert. • • BidVertiser - PPC (pay per click) program with an occasional payout quantity. • • Blog - begin a journal and systematically write glorious content. With smart ad placement, you will buildsome cash. I detail my method here: merely same, the way to journal. • • Cafepress- You give a [...]
  • Diary of a Thirtysomething Guy… and Gay… and Blind (Preview)

    Santi is thirtysomething years old, gay and blind guy with a complicated sentimental life: a break-up from the past that marked him, a sexy co-worker that seems to be straight (despite Santi's wishes), a friend that is in love with him (and unrequited), an extra-horny ex-boyfriend... “Diary of a Thirstysomething Guy... and Gay... and Blind” appeared a few years ago in the Spanish blog “Historias con Hache”. Since then, it has not stopped gaining followers and his stories have thousands of readers every week. Now, for the first time, the first season is translated into [...]
  • Die, Hispania. Die.

    Die, Hispania. Die. The Book of the Revelation.   By Joaquín C. Plana.   Translation into English of the transcribed texts from  the scroll of the University of Artstown.   The DEVIL can take any shape. Any shape.   Other e-books by Joaquín C, Plana en bubok.com: A day in the life of Eleos.   Other websites: espanol.free-ebooks.net, free-ebooks.net, bubok.es y lulu.com. Joaquin C. Plana´s blog: joaquinplana.wordpress.com Other blogs: albertsans.wordpress,com, joachimschwabing.wordpress,com, torturadero.blogspot.com, [...]
  • The Country Garden Note Book

    The Country Garden Note Book This is the garden note book, it is packed with gardening tips, country life recipe ideas, inspirational thoughts, and of course the odd silly poem. It is based on our blog which accrues up to 11,000 comments each year. Our visitors commented:  ``What a fantastic website and enlightening posts, I surely will bookmark your site. All the Best!` “ As a website owner I think the subject material here is great , Thank you for your efforts.” The Detail:  The note book is in fully colour, beautifully finished off, and essentially crammed with [...]

    This book completes the trilogy Poems of Love Unconscious. These love poems are written allowing the free flow of imagination, feelings, themes ... Youth Work, 1975-1990, with technical automation, free verse and improvised (semiconscious) ... Varied and some raving as love and life itself ... can be considered democratic verses in the sense that if one is deleted or several lines the poem loses no sense ... Abstraction low rationality ... Simple language, the words and ideas of the verses are called each other resembling the sound of a stream ... In the first book, as stated in a [...]

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When Nothing Is Impossible.
When Nothing Is Impossible.
Impossible is nothing. With that as his motto, Spanish surgeon Diego González Rivas takes up his fight [...] See book
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