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Aswe penetrate more deeply and intensely in Solomon's Song of Songsdespite difficulties in understanding the text that is part of a context thatfor many is a book that presents a content that the reader and scholar of theHoly Scriptures sees as somewhat embarrassing in the way He expresses his wordsconsidered as sensual that occurs between the dialogue of two lovers, KingSolomon and Shulamita. Forthe better understanding of this unique biblical lyric work, in this peculiarscenario involving King Solomon and the Shulamite it is necessary to reflect onsome important aspects, we believe that it is these aspects that Will be reallyprove that the Holy Scriptures is a book of great importance and Meaning,therefore, this importance encompasses all its contents including the Book of Songof Solomon's Songs as the a sacred book of songs that hymns of praise,therefore also inspired by God!

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