Diary of a Thirtysomething Guy… and Gay… and Blind (Preview)

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Santiis thirtysomething years old, gay and blind guy with a complicatedsentimental life: a break-up from the past that marked him, a sexyco-worker that seems to be straight (despite Santi's wishes), afriend that is in love with him (and unrequited), an extra-hornyex-boyfriend... Diaryof a Thirstysomething Guy... and Gay... and Blind appeared a fewyears ago in the Spanish blog Historias con Hache. Since then,it has not stopped gaining followers and his stories have thousandsof readers every week. Now, for the first time, the first season istranslated into English so more fans can enjoy the particular senseof humour of Santi and his love misfortunes.

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